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Answerland: Clothes for Short and Wide Guys

We’re answering your questions about style, where to shop and more in this edition of Answerland. Need answers? Click here to send us your questions. Brandon asked: First off I would just like to thank you for starting this site! I’d always considered myself to be a fairly stylish guy until the last few years […]

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Answerland: Fat Guy Shoes, Personal Stylists & Compression Gear

Sturdy Shoes for Big Guys Catherine asked: My boyfriend is a big guy (over 330lbs) and wears through his shoes rather quickly.  He’s needed a pair of Ecco slip-on dress shoes resewn and has now worn out one rubber sole much that it’s cracked. On a pair of Bostonian dress shoes he got from Nordstrom Rack, […]

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Finding Big & Tall Plaid Shirts, Slim Jeans, & More

Finding Big and Tall Plaid Shirts Honeystopthecar asked: Hey there! My boyfriend and I are celebrating our anniversary on March 10th, and I wanted to surprise him with a brand new button up shirt for the occasion. Do you folks know of any good retailers that sell button up plaid shirts in a 4X? I […]

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Beard by Matthew Rainwaters

Answerland: Beard Growth Tips

Answerland is the feature that answers reader-submitted questions about style, grooming, finding clothes in your size, and just about anything else you can come up with. Ask your questions here. A Twitter follower asked: Hey Bruce, ermm, is there any product that can grow some beard? Like cream or pills?  To answer your question, we went […]

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Answerland: Big and Tall Western Wear

Long time reader @fluffyonsize asked via Twitter: Hi. I’m interested with Country outfits style. Could you help me figured which is the best style? Especially for big and tall man. Like little cowboy or something. But more to casual. Wearing shirts, boots, vest etc. I’m new on this, so need an advice When it comes […]

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