Answerland: Where to Find Quality Big & Tall T-Shirts

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It’s Answerland, the Chubstr reader Q+A series. This week, we’re talking about big and tall t-shirts. Bethany asks:

I’m looking for big & tall t-shirts for my husband that don’t shrink each time they’re washed. Any recommendations?

Thanks for the question, Bethany. While t-shirts in extended sizes are easy to find, quality big and tall tees aren’t. Here are a few places to look for t-shirts that will hold up to whatever your hubby can put them through.

DXL Harbor Bay Big & Tall Tees

DXL Big & Tall T-shirts (Sizes to 8X)

If you haven’t already, take a look at the wide variety of t-shirts DXL offers. If your husband wants a more modern look, try their Harbor Bay and PX Clothing brands, both of which make designs with style and detail, something not always seen in big men’s clothing. Harbor Bay makes shirts to 8X and PX Clothing goes to 5X.

If those brands don’t float your boat, consider any of the other 20+ brands they carry that offer big & tall t-shirts.

Goodfellow & Co Crew Neck Tee

Goodfellow & Co Big & Tall T-Shirts (Sizes to 5X)

If you’re looking for a basic tee that gets the job done, check out the selection available at Goodfellow & Co. With sizes to 5XL, you’ll find several colors and one or two patterns to choose from. The t-shirts are a middle weight, meaning they’re not super heavy and can be good when it’s boiling out there. I own a Goodfellow tee that works perfectly as an undershirt.

Plus, with prices starting around $9.99, they’re worth a test.

Workwear Brands Make Solid Big & Tall T-shirts

If you’re serious about finding a nigh indestructible t-shirt, look at what your favorite workwear brand is doing. Both Carhartt (sizes to 5X) and Berne Apparel (sizes to 6X) make a heavier weight cotton tee that both fits well and looks good. I’m partial to Berne’s Heavyweight Pocket Tee when I want to wear something for hanging out or running errands. It feels solid, and it’s the perfect fit for my body.

One Bone big & Tall Clothing

More Options for You to Choose From

Want more options? Look at One Bone, ASOS, and everything else we offer in the Chubstr Shop.

Who Makes YOUR Favorite Big & Tall T-Shirt?

There are so many places to go to find tees in extended sizes – who makes your favorite? Tell us in the comments or let us know on social media @chubstr.

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