Getting the Perfect Big & Tall Measurements

Answerland: How to Get Your Perfect Big & Tall Clothing Measurements

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It’s Answerland, the Chubstr reader Q+A series. One of the biggest problems people run into when clothes shopping is not knowing your size. This week, we headed to the DXL store in Portland, Oregon to find out how having your exact measurements can help you find things that fit.

Getting the Perfect Big & Tall Measurements

Let the Professionals Help You Out

Years ago, I bought my first suit online. Part of going through that process is knowing your measurements. I grabbed my measuring tape and followed the online process, feeling somewhat confident that I was doing it right. When the suit arrived, it looked horrible. The jacket was too short and ill-fitting. After that experience, I decided to leave it to the pros.

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At the DXL store, I met up with Jody Koenig, my co-host on the Heavy Conversation podcast and one of the minds behind body positive underwear brand, Bear Skn. He explained to me that most people don’t know how to measure themselves, and that going to a place like DXL and letting them do it for you is much easier. Plus, they write it all down on a form that you can reference when buying clothes in store or on your own.

Know Your Measurements

What Measurements Do You Need to Know?

Jody tells me that at DXL, they focus on 8 points of measurement to ensure the perfect fit. Watch the video above to see how he gets my measurements. For reference, here are the points Jody measured:

  • Neck: Be sure to measure around your neck, right above the collar bone, leaving at least finger’s width of room so you can actually breathe.
  • Sleeve: You don’t want long, flowing sleeves, do you? Measure from the back of the neck, to the elbow, to the wrist.
  • Overarm: This measures the widest part of your arms and your chest, which helps ensure more comfort in the arms of whatever you’re wearing.
  • Chest: Knowing the girth of your chest helps ensure you don’t hulk out of your button down shirt, right?
  • Mid Waist Measurement: This one ensures that your shirt fits over what, for a lot of guys, is the widest part of your belly.
  • Waist: Jody measured exactly where I wear my pants, which is under my belly.
  • Seat: Got some junk in the trunk? The seat measurement helps ensure that pants fit you well in the back. Even if you don’t, this is still an important measurement to have.
  • Outseam: This measurement ensures your pants aren’t too long or too short, and according to Jody, is less invasive than the inseam measurement.

Now you know what measurements you need to have and how you can get it right the first time. We highly recommend you let a professional do it.

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Bruce and Jody talk measurements

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