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Answerland: Question Grab Bag #2

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This week on Answerland, it’s a question grab bag! We’re taking on questions about a number of different things, so let’s get started:

Ian asked: Do you have an online store?

Indeed we do, Ian. Check out the Chubstr Shop. It’s a curated selection of products in sizes XL and up that we think you’ll love. There are a lot of brands represented in there, both large and small. We add new products each week, so be sure to check it out.

Why don’t you guys have a podcast? I’d like to hear one about big & tall style.

Have you heard about Heavy Conversation? It’s the podcast I do with co-host Jody Koenig. We talk about what it’s like to be a plus sized guy in this day and age. With more than 25 episodes under our belt, we cover everything from where to shop and figuring out your style to body image, flying while fat and how to mix a drink. It’s fun, and in my humble opinion, worth a listen.

Where can I find band and comic themed tees? I’m a 6XLT.

Take a look at the selection of graphic tees available at DXL with sizes to 7XLT. Chances are, you’ll find something there that tickles your fancy.

BONUS: Shop new arrivals and the latest styles in outerwear with sizes to 6X from DXL!

Where can I find bright, colorful and fun underwear in my size?

Start at Bear Skn! They carry all sorts of fun, colorful drawers in sizes to 6XL that you’re sure to love. Still need more big and tall underwear? Check out the underwear section in the Chubstr Shop.

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