Answerland: Big & Tall Office Chairs, Shopping in Paris and More

It’s Answerland, the Chubstr reader Q+A series. Have a question? Send it to us here. This week, we’re taking on multiple reader questions.

Where should I look for big and tall office chairs? – Edwin

There are A LOT of stores selling big and tall office chairs. When you’re searching, search by weight capacity. You’ll find chairs with capacities of 300 pounds, 500 pounds or more. You’ll even find 1000 pound capacity big & tall office chairs through DXL.

If you’re not sure about ordering online, I’d recommend you look locally. Call around, ask stores if they carry big & tall office chairs. Having the chance to test one out for yourself is a great way to figure out what you need. Good luck!

My husband and I are going to Paris in July and we want to do some clothes shopping there. Where should we go? -Bill

Paris sounds amazing! So much to see and do, and there are even a few places to shop while you’re there. Make sure you stop by Capel Store while you’re there. The company has been outfitting Parisians in modern clothing since the 50’s and they know how to do it right. Capel Store even offers clothing for different big and tall body types. Short and round? They got you. Tall and wide? Capel Store can help you out.

Would I look ridiculous if I wore a linen suit in November? -Eric

No, you wouldn’t look ridiculous. Wear what you’re comfortable in. Linen is lighter and more breathable. You’re a big guy and you probably get hot. If a linen suit helps keep you cool, more power to you. Comfort aside, most people aren’t going to notice that you’re wearing linen, and if they do, they probably won’t care. Chances are, you’re wearing a powder blue suit or something, so it’s not going to stand out all that much anyway.

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