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Answerland: A Grab Bag of Reader Questions

Welcome to Answerland, our new weekly Q+A feature. You’ve been sending in a ton of questions, so this week, we’re answering a few of them. Want to ask a question? Send it to us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – we’re @chubstr, or ask your question directly right here on the website.

Are you aware of anywhere that sells selvedge / raw denim in sizes larger than 40? I wear a 42 most of the time.

There aren’t a lot of options when it comes to selvedge denim in extended sizes. In fact, there’s only one place I know of at this point. Railcar Fine Goods offers a few solid options with sizes to 46. Take a look at what they have to offer. If you’re like me, you’ll want one of everything.

Arthur asks:

What type of boots should one wear with boot cut jeans?

Boot cut jeans are best worn with (you guessed it!) boots. Many bigger guys wear this type of jean because they offer extra room in the leg. If this is the reason you’re wearing them, you should consider trying a different style. I recommend the Levi’s 541 athletic fit jean. They offer a modern fit with stretch, plus more room in the thigh. The Levi’s 541 is also available in a variety of colors and washes to fit your needs.

Danielle asks:

Where can I find big & tall shorts that are short in the crotch and are at or above the knee? My husband is desperate!

Good question, Danielle! It’s still hot in some parts of the country and those big guys who need shorts deserve some with style. Apparel brands are starting to realize that big & tall clothing should reflect modern trends and are making clothes that do just that. Retailers like ASOS, Target, DXL and Walmart are offering shorter shorts that can fit your hubby’s needs.

The perfect inseam depends on your guy’s size and height, but I’d consider staying around 8 inch or less inseam if possible.

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