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Answerland: Where to Sell, Swap, Trade or Donate Your Big & Tall Clothing

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Answerland is our reader Q+A video series. Watch past episodes here. This week, we’re showing the best ways to sell, swap, trade and donate your big and tall clothing. Emilio asks:

Do you know of anywhere to sell/trade/swap or donate big & tall clothing? I was hoping there would be somewhere for me to sell or trade them. Any ideas?

Great question, Emilio! What can you do with your clothing when you’re ready to get rid of it? Though many of us hold on to our clothes until they are threadbare, more apparel options in plus sizes mean we can cycle out more easily. So, what should you do with your clothes when you’re ready to pass them on? Here are a few options.

Fat Fancy Portland Oregon
Fat Fancy in Portland, Oregon

Buy, Sell or Trade Your Big & Tall Clothing Locally

Depending on where you live, you might have local options for selling or swapping your clothes. Some cities have dedicated plus size boutiques, such as Portland’s Fat Fancy or The Plus Bus in Los Angeles. Some of these shops will buy your clothing and some will consign them (and/or offer store credit), which basically means paying you for your clothes once they sell them to someone else. Research what options are available in your area – you might be surprised to find resale shops that sell clothing in a variety of sizes. Here are a few options around the country you should take a look at:

Start a Plus Size Clothing Swap

No existing options in your city? Set up a clothing swap! This is a good way to bring like-minded people together to trade out the clothing they have in their closets. Plus size clothing swaps happen all over the country – check and see if there’s one in your area. If you can’t find one close to you, consider putting together a small event yourself.

XL Tribe on Poshmark
XL Tribe on Poshmark

Sell Your Clothes Online

If there’s nothing in the real world that works for you, try these online options for selling your plus size clothing. Note that there are fees associated with selling your clothes through these websites, but you’ll find that to be the case with just about any method of selling, online or off.

  • Poshmark: A fun and easy way to sell your clothes online. Download their app, post photos of your clothes and start selling. Kirklan Hawes of XL Tribe has a page on Poshmark where he’s selling clothes from his closet.
  • ThredUp: The biggest online consignment and thrift store, ThredUp is like Poshmark, but the consensus is that it has a friendlier web interface. If that matters to you, there you go.
  • Grailed: Grailed is a men’s clothing focused site for buying and selling clothing. You’ll find sneakers, footwear, tops, outerwear and more available there. When researching for this article, I didn’t find much in the way of extended sizes available on Grailed. This could make for a good opportunity for you to sell your clothes through the site.
  • Facebook Marketplace: Yes, you can roll the dice and sell your clothes through Facebook Marketplace. There’s a little of everything being sold on the platform, so it’s a toss up whether your clothes will sell quickly, or for the price you want.

Where to Donate Your Big & Tall Clothing

Maybe you’re more concerned with getting your clothes to people who need it. Finding clothes that fit can be significantly more difficult for those affected by homelessness, addiction or abuse. Consider donating to shelters and support services in your area. There are many youth, homeless and LGBTQ shelters that can use your support.

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