Answerland: Where to Find Big & Tall Swimwear in the Winter

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Where Can I Find Big & Tall Swimwear in the Winter?

With record cold temperatures hitting a large portion of the country, buying a pair of big & tall swimming trunks might not be on your radar. It turns out, a lot of people take trips to warmer climates this time of year. Where do they find swimwear in their size? Here’s what we found:

Target’s Goodfellow & Co big & tall swim trunks


The Goodfellow & Co big & tall swimwear line offers trunks to 5X and 60 waist with a small collection of interesting designs.

Chubbies Shorts offer sizes to XXL – hoping for more in the future

Chubbies Shorts

With a name like Chubbies, you wouldn’t be faulted for thinking the brand would carry a wide range of sizes. As of now, their swim trunks are only available to XXL, BUT if you can fit into them, the designs are fun, and the legs are short, so they are worth a look.

DXL Big & Tall Swimwear with sizes to 7X

DXL Big & Tall Swimwear

Of course, if you’re looking for swimwear that fits at any time of the year, you’ve got to hit up DXL. Aside from the fact that they offer trunks in sizes to 7X, they also carry the widest variety of styles and brands I came across this time of year. If you want selection, be sure to head over to to see their big & tall swimming trunks section.

Nautica Big & Tall Swim Trunks
Nautica Trunks in sizes to 6X

Nautica Big & Tall Swim Trunks

You might be surprised by the quality of Nautica’s big & tall swimwear line. The selections are classic but fun, with sizes ranging to 6X/XLT. You can’t go wrong with a pair of bright, great fitting swim trunks.

ASOS PLUS Swim Shorts In Shrimp Print In Short Length - White
ASOS PLUS Swim Shorts In Shrimp Print

ASOS Men’s Plus Size Swimwear

If you’re looking for modern big & tall swimwear that won’t break the bank, ASOS is a good first stop. The retailer offers an assortment of fast fashion trunks in different colors, lengths, and fits. ASOS takes care of one of the biggest complaints that we hear from big guys about shorts – they’re way too long. You won’t find that to be an issue here.

Well-Rounded Gent Chubstr Bearwood Apparel big guy swimwear
Tank & Swim Trunks: Bearwood Apparel |
Photo by Wry Toast Photos; Styling by Kat Eves

Who Else Offers Big & Tall Swimming Trunks in the Winter?

Turns out, it’s not super difficult to find trunks that’ll work for you this time of year. Want even more options? Take a look at KingSize, JCPenney, and Macy’s for swimwear that could work for you.

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