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Dome Shades: Glasses for Big Heads
Mar 30, 2015
Introducing DOME Shades: Sunglasses for Big Heads
If you’re like me, and you were blessed with an oversized head, you know what kind of pain it can be to find sunglasses that fit. It’s not much fun wearing a pair that look like they’re holding on for dear life every time you put them on. Luckily, there’s someone out there who shares...
James R. Sanders
Talking Big Men’s Fashion with James R. Sanders
There aren’t many men of size doing work in the high fashion side of the industry, so when we meet them, we’ve got to share their stories. James R. Sanders is one such gent, a contributing writer (and stylist) for Vogue Italia, a contributing fashion blogger for the Huffington Post, and author of pieces for Glamour Magazine,,...
Steele Canvas Bags
Mar 10, 2015
American Made: Steele Canvas Tote Bags
It’s not often you get to see an item go from raw material to finished product in front of your eyes; let alone right in your own neighborhood. But that’s what I was able to experience at Steele Canvas Basket Corporation in Chelsea, MA. Since 1921 Steele Canvas has been making high quality canvas products...
Swag & Valor gets the Tyler Jacobs treatment
Feb 18, 2015
A “Pants-On” Review of Swag & Valor Boxers
The friendly folks over at Swag & Valor recently sent me a pair of their boxer briefs in exchange for my opinion. I had the pleasure of giving them a test-run and picking them apart. The Fit My first impression was that the fabric & waistband feels a little thick and heavy. But once I...
Sweet Paul talks cooking, crafts and big men's fashion
Feb 12, 2015
Sweet Paul On Cooking, Crafting, and Big Men’s Style
When Paul Lowe moved from Oslo, Norway to New York City, he had no idea he’d end up creating Sweet Paul, the amazingly successful cooking and crafting brand that bears his name. With millions of website visitors per year, magazines printed and released seasonally, and an army of followers on social media, he’s showing no signs of stopping....
Scout Underwear Relaunches!
Feb 06, 2015
Your Dream Drawers are Back – Scout Underwear Relaunches Site
Remember Scout Underwear? The brand with the mission to make a better pair of underwear for big guys relaunched this week, with more options for men of size. With a goal of providing support and comfort where men need it most, Scout unveiled trunks, shorts, and jock straps made with the thoughtful details that make the...
Bruce Sturgell from Chubstr
Jan 12, 2015
Bruce Sturgell Kicks Off #MCM on Big Curvy Love
I’m honored to be the first gent to get the spotlight in the new Man Crush Monday feature over at Big Curvy Love. L.A. based Kelly Glover interviewed me for the article, in which we talk about the state of big men’s fashion, shopping tips for men of size, and of course, Chubstr. If you’re unfamiliar with Big...
Parallel Revolution organic hemp shirts
Dec 11, 2014
Parallel Revolution Makes Organic Hemp Look Good
When many people hear the phrase “organic hemp clothing,” they probably think about clothes for hippies. Turns out, you can make more than one kind of look with the fabric. Meet Parallel Revolution, a California based clothing brand specializing in great looking organic hemp shirts. A few months ago, the company did a photo shoot with two of...
So You Want to Smoke a Pipe?
Dec 09, 2014
The Well-Rounded Gent: So You Want to Smoke a Pipe
The Well-Rounded Gent is the Chubstr feature that focuses on the finer things in life. From fashion to grooming to etiquette, we cover it here. This week, we take a look at smoking tobacco in a fancy pipe with someone who knows all about it – Scott Spolverino from In With Bacchus.  The briar pipe is a luxurious...
Win a Year's Supply of Boxers from Swag & Valor
Nov 25, 2014
Win a Year’s Supply of Boxers from Swag & Valor
There aren’t many brands out there focusing exclusively on big and tall clothing, so when we come across one, we’ve got to spread the word. From the Pacific Northwest comes Swag & Valor, a company dedicated to helping big men find comfortable clothing they actually want to wear. How Swag & Valor Started Like some of the...