DXL Big & Tall Month 2023

Robert Gets New Looks for DXL’s Big + Tall Month 2023

It’s that time again! For the second year in a row, DXL has been celebrating Big + Tall Month throughout January. The company spotlights big guys nationwide by sharing their photos and stories on its website and social media.

Like last year with Erick, we got in on the 2023 celebration by taking a Portland area big & tall gent to a local DXL store to get some new looks. Robert, a light rail operator, took time away from his busy schedule to crank up his style with an assortment of outfits from DXL.

Then, we headed to a local studio where Robert modeled all of his new looks for photographer Beth Olson.

Robert told us that due to a staffing shortage, he had constantly been working and hadn’t had much time to think about his look. With the new year upon us, he wanted to change that but wasn’t sure where to start. We teamed up with DXL to fill up his wardrobe with versatile looks that will work throughout the year.

DXL big + tall month 2023 look

Jacket and button down

Everybody needs a go-to jacket, and this Oak Hill Quilted Jacket is a great option. Robert can dress it up with a button-down and chinos or keep it casual with jeans and a tee. We paired the button-down with some big & tall athletic-fit jeans for a modern yet comfortable look.

DXL big & tall t-shirts

Keeping it casual

You can’t go wrong with a good big & tall t-shirt! We started with the basics, letting Robert choose some of his favorite prints. He’s also a fan of high-quality polo, so we increased his collection with two new shirts from Adidas.

Chubstr DXL big + tall month 2023 suit

Throw on a blazer

Though Robert doesn’t need to dress up very often, I explained that it’s good to have a blazer in your arsenal. Have an interview? Grab the blazer. Hot date night? Throw on the blazer. It’s a quick and easy way to complete your look.

Chubstr & DXL celebrate big + tall month 2023

Activewear Essentials

Activewear isn’t going away anytime soon, and who wants it to? We all need stylish, comfortable clothes to wear when running errands, working out, or hanging out. This Enzyme Washed Hoodie by Reebok is soft and breathable and can be paired with lots of different bottoms. We put Robert in these Speedwick Performance Ripstop Camo Cargo Shorts that can take on whatever the day throws at them.

Chubstr & DXL 2023 Behind the Scenes

Learn more about DXL’s Big + Tall Month

Big + Tall Month may be ending, but you can celebrate all year long. See all of the guys DXL is spotlighting this month, and recharge your wardrobe in by visiting DXL.com.

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