Big & Tall Summer Swimwear
Photo: KingSize

The Best Stylish Big & Tall Swim Trunks to Buy This Summer

Though it’s not officially summer, it certainly feels like it. With sweltering heat comes the need to immerse one’s self in a large body of water (while paying attention to social distancing etiquette, of course). Since skinny dipping is out for most of us, a good pair of big & tall swim trunks is a must.

The big question: are there options out there that offer a range of sizes along with styles you’ll actually want to wear? The answer is yes. Read our list below and find your favorite pair.

Target Big & Tall Swim Trunks
Target 7″ Floral Print Swim Shorts

Target Big & Tall Swimming Trunks – Sizes to 5X

Target’s Goodfellow & Co. and Original Use brands are stepping up with some fun prints and modern big & tall swim trunks. You’ll find swim trunks, board shorts, and hybrid swim shorts available in a variety of lengths. Prices from $13.99.

Boohoo Man Big & Tall Swim Shorts

BoohooMAN Big & Tall Swim Shorts – Sizes to 5XL

Looking for big & tall swim shorts that aren’t too long, but still stand out? BoohooMAN offers a pleasantly surprising amount of swimming trunks with unique prints and contemporary fits. The best part? Prices start at $10.

DXL Big & Tall Swim Trunks

DXL Big & Tall Swim Trunks – Sizes to 6XL

Everybody’s favorite big & tall retailer has around 90 different big & tall trunks from brands you know and love on their website. Prices start around $25.

Chubbies big & tall swim trunks
Photo: Chubbies

Chubbies Big & Tall Swim Trunks – Sizes to 3X

Chubbies is a brand we all agree we’d wear the hell out of if they offered more of their products in extended sizing. The company is taking a step in the right direction, offering select shorts and swim trunks to 3XL. They’re bright, they’re colorful, they’re fun, and their inseams start at 5.5′.

ASOS Men's big & tall swim shorts

ASOS Men’s Plus Size Swim Trunks – Sizes to 6X

ASOS is classing up big & tall summer swimwear with their two piece swim short prints, giving you a top and a bottom (sold separately) that allow you to put together an entire look. If this isn’t quite your style, shop the rest of their carefully curated selection of pastels, floral prints, solid color and runner swim shorts with prices from $11.50.

Walmart Big & Tall Swim Trunks
Walmart George Tomato Sauce Swim Shorts

Walmart Big & Tall Swimwear – Sizes to 5X

Walmart’s George brand offers some affordable basics perfect for anyone who wants traditional trunk. Might we recommend the ultra-bright Tomato Sauce swim short? It’s the perfect color for summer. There’s a much wider selection of big & tall swimming trunks available on the Walmart website, with prices from around $6.

Kohl's Big & Tall Swim Trunks
Nike Big & Tall Swim Shorts at Kohl’s

Kohl’s Big & Tall Trunks – Sizes to 6XB

If you’re a fan of a college or professional sports team, Kohl’s probably has swimming trunks for you. You’ll find sizes to 6XB, though the pickings in the more extended sizes are a bit slim. The retailer also carries Nike Big & Tall trunks, which you won’t currently find on Nike’s own website. Prices from around $20.

Amazon Goodthreads Big & Tall Swim Trunks

Amazon Big & Tall Swimwear – sizes to 8X

Shopping Amazon for…well, just about anything can be overwhelming. On the bright side, you’ll find a lot of big & tall swimwear to choose from. Check out their Goodthreads line for some solid options. The only downside is that Goodthreads stops at 3X. There are swim shorts from other brands available to 8X, however.

As we come across more brands, we’ll add to this article, so check back for more options throughout the summer. Which big & tall swim shorts are your favorite? Tell us in the comments let us know @chubstr on your favorite social network.