Bric big & tall sweaters

BRIC is Out to Make the Best Big & Tall Sweater

At 6’6, Kemdi Anosike represents the taller side of big & tall. Even living in New York City, it was still a challenge for him to find clothes that fit well. After years of frustration, Anosike took matters into his own hands, launching BRIC (with sizes to 4XT and 5XB) as a premium option for men who don’t fit into traditional sizes. We talked to Anosike about his new clothing line and why he chose to kick things off with a particularly tricky clothing item, a full-zip and half-zip big & tall sweater.

BRIC big & tall sweaters
BRIC Full Zip Sweater

Why BRIC? Can you share the origin of the name?

BRIC is the short form of a BRICK. I love the symbolism of what a BRICK signifies. They are timeless, durable, strong, good-looking, and classic. I am building a brand that embodies those qualities, [which is why I named] the company BRIC.

Other brands focus on “big and tall,” but the reality is that there are men who are tall but are not big, and there are big guys who are not tall.

Why big & tall sweaters? That’s not the easiest product to start a brand with.

I didn’t have any sweaters that fit me well and living in New York, sweaters are a necessity. I decided to [create] a focus group for men over 6’2 to hear and understand their pain points regarding apparel, and most of them talked about finding options with sleeves that fit.

Many other companies make t-shirts, pants, and other product categories; why don’t I start with the most challenging thing for men like me to find? I wanted to focus on perfecting this product and then branch into other categories. If we become known as the brand that is known for sweaters for guys with nontraditional sizing, that’s not a bad thing.

BRIC big & tall sweater color selection

How is BRIC different from other big & tall brands on the market?

We are obsessed with our products and fit. We went through so many fittings and testing to ensure we came up with the right size chart. Our products are tested on real humans and our sizing is customized for the different heights and shapes that represent the majority of men who fall into “extended” sizing.

Other brands focus on “big and tall,” but the reality is that there are men who are tall but are not big, and there are big guys who are not tall. We designed our products to cater to those who are not “big and tall.”

BRIC big & tall cashtouch half zip sweater

How will BRIC big & tall sweaters fit short and wide folks?

This goes back to our sizing chart and how we created our sweaters for men like you who are not particularly tall. You should be able to fit into our XXL sweaters instead of an XXXL, depending on how you like your fit. We designed the cuffs of our sweater to be foldable, which can appear stylish with the BRIC strip on display.

BRIC sweaters for big or tall guys
Bric Half Zip Sweater

Do you plan to expand the BRIC line to other products in the future?

Yes! We plan to implement different styles and sweaters. [We’re] also open to consumer feedback as we build along. 

Chubstr’s BRIC sweater review

Anisoke sent over a size 3XB Cashtouch Half-Zip, so I could try out a BRIC big & tall sweater for myself. Made from 100% merino wool, the sweater looks and feels luxurious. As someone who frequently overheats when wearing layers, I found the half zip to be lightweight and comfortable.

At 5’8, I do not represent the tall side of big & tall, so I was concerned about how long the sweater would be. I’m happy to report that BRIC’s XB sizing gets the fit right for shorter and rounder bodies like mine. It’s not often that brands cover both tall and big and get it right. I am pleasantly surprised by the fit.

If you’re like me and you have the arm length of a t-rex, you’ll appreciate the detail and the interior lining of the BRIC sweater. It looks like the sleeves are meant to be rolled up. I tried the green color, called Shamrock. It is a dark yet vibrant color that pairs as well with jeans as it would with chinos.

Try a BRIC big & tall sweater for yourself

Get yourself a great-looking, comfortable full-zip or half-zip big & tall sweater for $195 and $175, respectively, with sizes to 5XB and 4XT from BRIC at their website by clicking here.

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