Reggie Wade Emmys Big & Tall Style

Reggie Shows His Big & Tall Style at the Emmys

If you’re going to the Emmys, you need to look good. That’s precisely what Daily Show researcher and former Chubstr writer Reggie Wade was going for the three-piece suit you see here. The show picked up seven Emmy nominations – the most since host Trevor Noah joined the show. To celebrate, Noah told the crew that they would all be attending the awards in L.A.

Reggie reached out to us to help him create the perfect look for the Emmy awards. It had been a while since he had to dress up for any occasion, let alone a black tie event, so we started by discussing what style he wanted to wear.

While a tux is a great traditional option for an awards show, people have some leeway to wear whatever they feel comfortable in. Reggie wanted to focus on style and comfort. With that in mind, we reached out to the folks at Men’s Wearhouse to find out how they could help.

Men's Wearhouse Manhattan store

Reggie went to the Manhattan Men’s Wearhouse location to get measured and find the perfect suit. Like many guys, he hadn’t been through that process in quite a while, but any trepidation went away once he arrived. Moe, the store manager, was friendly, knowledgeable, and able to help Reggie pick out the perfect suit.

A few days later, the suit arrived at Men’s Wearhouse for a fitting. Reggie returned to the store to try the suit for final alterations. Once that was finished, he was ready to fly from New York to Los Angeles to attend the Emmys.

Reggie wade Emmys big & tall mens wearhouse suit

Photographer Rob Eves met up with Reggie at the Mondrian Los Angeles Hotel for an impromptu photoshoot before the awards. Reggie told us that this was his first three-piece suit. He was initially nervous about the suit vest, as he’d never worn one before. Once he put it on and posed for the photos, he was feeling it.

Reggie Wade Emmys big & tall suit

Reggie told us that the Emmy awards experience was a whirlwind. He had a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, made even better because he looked great in his suit. You feel good when you look good, which was definitely the case for Reggie.

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