Bear Skn Woodland Bear Hunter

Behind the Scenes of Bear Skn’s Latest Underwear Shoot

A new month means a brand spanking new underwear print from Bear Skn. The company is kicking off the new year with the Woodland Bear Hunter print. Ever wonder what a big & tall underwear shoot is like? We went behind the scenes of the latest Bear Skn photoshoot to find out.

Style and fit

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the browns, blacks, and greens of the camouflage print are made up of bear silhouettes. It’s one of the fun details that makes Bear Skn underwear stand out. Stretch and fit are top of mind with all Bear Skn products. That’s why they use bamboo, cotton, and elastane, which can accommodate more body types. You’ll find sizes ranging from S to 6XL available on their website.

Bear Skn big & tall Woodland Bear Hunter briefs and jocks

Choose your underwear type

Bear Skn’s big & tall Woodland Bear Hunter underwear is available as a brief, boxer brief, or jock strap, depending on your preference. Can’t choose, take all three for a test drive and then pick your favorite.

Out in the woods…in your underwear

Would you model underwear out in the Oregon wilderness? Bear Skn models Jeremy and Robert did exactly that, braving the rugged landscape and 40 degree temperatures to bring you the photos you see above. Watch the video above to see what they have to say about the experience.

Shop the new print, or old favorites

If you’ve watched the video, you now understand what it takes to be a big & tall underwear model. Luckily, you don’t have to brave the elements in your skivvies to get the new print. Pick up a pair of Woodland Bear Hunter underwear in your size, or shop some of Bear Skn’s other prints by clicking here. Need help deciding what to buy? We made a list of our 5 favorite Bear Skn big & tall prints, which you can read here.

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