It's Cory
Apr 09, 2015
Photo: Getting There
A big point of view
Mar 17, 2015
Photo: Representing San Francisco
Can a San Fran guy get a submission? I am pretty much wearing a bunch of thrift store items, the SF Giants tie dye shirt is my favorite, along with a Nike running jacket, which is lightweight, but really feels good on those breezy days, and of course my light grey beanie since I have a short haircut,...
Juan D. Mendoza!
Mar 05, 2015
Photo: Ready for the Stage
Direct from Mexico via Instagram, it’s Juan D. Mendoza, ready to take the stage. Follow him on IG: @espejoscopio for more great pics. Share your style with the world – submit a photo to Chubstr, or add #chubstr to your pic and we’ll share it on the site. 
One Dapper Hubby
Mar 02, 2015
Photo: One Dapper Hubby
This Monday morning reader photo submission comes from Nichole, who’s sharing a photo of her man, all cleaned up. Do you have a photo to share? Add #chubstr to it on your favorite social network, or send it to us directly. Tell us what you’re wearing and where you got it so we can share...
Marcus in the Pink Blazer
Feb 24, 2015
Photo: The Man in the Pink Blazer
Today’s reader photo comes from Marcus, who makes a pink blazer look good. What’s he wearing? We asked Marcus about his look, and here’s what he told us: My shirt and blazer was purchased from Destination XL, the tie is from Maurizio – purchased at d&k men’s wear, and glasses by Aldo. Share your style...