Corbin Chamberlin-Randall Gets Formal With Indochino

I love it when two of our favorites come together. In this case, it’s our favorite journalist and our favorite custom menswear company. Journalist Corbin Chamberlin-Randall and his husband attended a ...

Should I Shave? Tips for Summer Beard Grooming

Here at Chubstr, we’re staunch supporters of sporting facial hair all year round. But with Spring upon us, is it time to shave the sweet beard you’ve been growing all ...

Chubstr Makes the Refinery29 Plus Size Blogger List

Here’s a great way to kick off the week – Chubstr made Refinery29′s list of 5 Plus Size Bloggers You Should Follow. We’re in good company, with the likes of (past ...

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Customize Your Sunglasses With Ray-Ban Remix

If you’re into custom clothing and accessories, you’ll love this: Ray-Ban has ...

Get $10 Tees to 3X(ish) at Threadless, the company that lets the community design and submit artwork, and ...

Create Custom Board Shorts to Size 50 at Quiksilver

Surfwear manufacturer Quiksilver is helping men of all sizes find summer shorts ...

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Photo: Keeping It Dapper

Today’s reader photo submission comes from Rougeskinnies, a gent with a blog that’s chock full of great photos that show off his style. Help us show the world that big guys have style by sending us your pics. Tell us who you are, what you’re wearing, and where you got it. Doing this helps other […]

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Answerland: Clothes for Short and Wide Guys

We’re answering your questions about style, where to shop and more in this edition of Answerland. Need answers? Click here to send us your questions. Brandon asked: First off I would just like to thank you for starting this site! I’d always considered myself to be a fairly stylish guy until the last few years […]

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Summer Style Tips from Parker & Pine

Irfan Hajee is the co-founder of Parker & Pine, a company designing modern and functional clothing specifically for plus size men. Today, he’s sharing summer style tips for big guys. Get your hands on clothes from Parker & Pine later this summer, when their online store opens. Learn more at It’s been a long, […]

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Photo: Armando’s Cubavera Hawaiian Shirts

My name’s Armando, I buy clothes out of season because chances are that I will find some great deals on them. I bought these fun hawaiian shirts from Cubavera on clearance in the middle of winter at Macy’s. The shorts are both from JcPenny’s Levi’s/Arizona. Get a Look Like Armando’s While Armando’s exact shirts aren’t […]

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Photo: Jeffrey From Toronto Goes to Target

I went to Target for the first time and decided to see what they had, not really having any expectations. I live [in] downtown Toronto so there is everything from high fashion boutiques to big chains available, all at walking distance. Since big stores like target cant be downtown it was a trek to see […]

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