Zenni Optical Best Glasses for Big Heads

The Best Zenni Optical Glasses for Big Heads

Finding glasses can be a pain when you’re blessed with a large head. Zenni Optical is making things easier with its extensive selection of glasses for larger heads. How do they fit, you ask? We ordered eight pairs of wide glasses to put to the test so you can see what they look like on a big ol’ head. See our picks for the best glasses for big heads from Zenni Optical below.

Zenni Optical Best Wide Glasses for Big Heads Review

Wide glasses in every style

You want options? Zenni’s got ’em. Choose from various styles, colors, sizes, price points, comfort features, materials, and more. I’m partial to a thicker frame, and Zenni did not disappoint. The Square Glasses 4447421, with its faux woodgrain temples and matte black rim, were exactly what I was looking for. If a thick frame like I’m wearing isn’t your thing, don’t worry – Zenni offers wide frames in just about any style you can think of.

Zenni’s visual search is your best friend

Visual search is one of the more exciting features you’ll find on the Zenni website. You can search by uploading or sharing a link to an image with a pair of glasses you like, and then you’ll be shown options that look similar. You can even use your device’s camera to find glasses similar to the ones you’re wearing. Visual search is an excellent way to quickly and easily find exactly what you want.

Try before you buy with Virtual Try-On

Once you’ve found the perfect pair of glasses, you want to make sure they’re perfect. Virtual Try-On lets you see how the glasses look on you before you buy them. Click the Virtual Try-On button, record a short video of your face, and you’ll be able to see what your chosen frames look like on you before you order them. It took me a few tries to get the pose exactly right, but when I did get it, it worked perfectly. You can use the Try-On you create to preview as many pairs of glasses as you want.

Affordable glasses with all the extras

Since 2003, Zenni has been on a mission to make eyeglasses more affordable and accessible to everyone by cutting out the middleman. That’s why their prices are significantly lower than their competitors. Offering a lower-cost product doesn’t mean missing out on quality or options. Once you find the frame you want, you can add extras that work for you. I opted for progressive lenses and an anti-reflective, water-resistant coating – helpful for surviving the rainy Portland winters we deal with here.

Even with those advanced options, my Zenni glasses cost $131.90, significantly less than other options on the market.

Zenni Optical Glasses for Big Heads: Our Picks

We pored through every pair of Zenni’s glasses for big heads to choose 8 of our favorites. Our goal was to select frames that represented a variety of shapes, styles, and materials. As you’ll see below, we found some solid options in large and extra-large sizes. Click on your favorites to get them for yourself.

Zenni Optical Browline Glasses for Big Heads

Browline Glasses 1302121 – Extra Large

The titanium frame of these glasses is so lightweight you almost won’t notice you’re wearing them. Go with these for a classic, academic look. Available in extra large sizing. 52-22-141

Travelers 4448939 – Large

These glasses are part of the Kittles x Zenni collection, a collaboration with San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle and his wife, Claire. The collection features several stylish frames, including the multicolor Travelers you see above. The mix of blue, brown, and yellow hues makes these glasses stand out while still looking sleek and refined. Available in large sizing. 51-21-145

Zenni glasses for big heads Square 185321

Square Glasses 4447421 – Extra Large

The contrast of bold black acetate on the front and the faux wood grain temples make these glasses stand out. If you prefer a thicker frame, you should give these wide frames a try. Available in extra large sizing. 53-24-148

Square Glasses 2031915 – Large

The matte dark brown ombre version of these glasses is pretty much perfect. Zenni added a keyhole bridge to the wide version of this frame for an extra dose of style. It is also available in clear and black versions, but the brown is hard to beat. Available in large sizing. 52-19-149

Zenni Round Glasses for Big Heads

Round Glasses 4412425 – Large

And now for something completely different! These fun round glasses are thick enough to be appreciated at a distance and are available in 3 colors: tortoiseshell, green, and clear with black flecks. Available in large sizing. 52-22-141

Zenni Glow in the Dark Glasses for Big Heads

Glow-in-the-Dark Glasses 8111016 – Large

We all need a pair of silly glasses, right? Zenni makes glow-in-the-dark glasses for big heads in 9 colors and almost 20 styles, starting at around $16. The pair pictured above are the teal/green glow version in size large. 53-19-149

Post Up 4443015 – Extra Large

If you’re looking for a rectangular frame with some personality, the Post Up 4443015 might be the glasses for you. This two-tone frame sports a matte woodgrain upper and a translucent blue bottom half. Available in extra large sizing. 57-19-148

Zenni Sunglasses for Big Heads

Foldable Square Sunglasses 1143842 – Large

These functional and stylish sunglasses look great and fold at the hinges, plus they fit big heads perfectly. Available in blue, black, green, tortoiseshell, and the orange you see above. These foldable glasses come with their own specialty case to stow them away safely. Large sizing available. 51-23-148

Shop Zenni Optical’s Best Glasses for Big Heads

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