Regent Row Big & Tall Clothing

Thing of the Week: Regent Row Big & Tall

Thing of the Week introduces you to the products and brands you need to know about. This week, we’re looking at Regent Row, a new big & tall clothing brand making functional, breathable, great-looking shirts with sizes from XL to 6X for both big and tall guys.

Luxurious and functional big & tall shirts

Many shirts for big guys are made to cover you, but they don’t really fit. Regent Row big & tall shirts are tailored to work with your body, fitting well in the chest and shoulders with none of the excess fabric we’re all used to. Tailored doesn’t mean constrictive – all Regent Row shirts are made with four-way stretch fabric, so they work with your body, not against it.

The company currently offers a Commuter Shirt with short and long-sleeve options and a Tech Polo, both with sizes to 6XL.

Regent Row Big & Tall Tech Polo

20 years of industry experience

The team behind Regent Row includes industry veterans from companies like Zappos, Walmart, and the German retailer Zalando. Over the years, they noticed that retailers would discuss big & tall but rarely give that customer the clothing they deserved. When those companies did release products, fabric, size, and fit were merely an afterthought. That’s when the idea to launch an inclusive big & tall brand offering quality, well-constructed products came about.

Regent Row Big & Tall Fabric

Focus on fabric and fit

Regent Row big & tall shirts are made with unique materials initially developed by NASA that manage heat, wick moisture, resist wrinkles, and stretch that adapts to your body. The best part? The fabric is soft and comfortable to wear.

That kind of thoughtfulness also shows in the company’s commitment to fit. Regent Row’s 4-way stretch fabric accommodates multiple body types and moves with you. Amazingly, the material contains no spandex, meaning these shirts hold their shape better and last longer than shirts from other brands.

Regent Row Big & Tall Commuter Shirt

Get a discount on Regent Row big & tall shirts

Regent Row makes clothes with style and fit that solve many of the problems big & tall guys have with their shirts. Try out their shirts and polos with this big discount: Buy one shirt and get 50% off the second one, plus free shipping. Learn more about Regent Row’s mission and philosophy by visiting their website.

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