LeBron James The Shop Men's Grooming Line

Thing of the Week: LeBron’s New Grooming Line

Thing of the Week introduces you to the products you need to know about. This week, we’re taking a look at LeBron James’ new men’s grooming line, The Shop.

What’s in The Shop Men’s Grooming Line?

The Shop covers all of your basic grooming needs. You’ll find an exfoliating cleanser, a hydrating face lotion, a pomade, shaving cream and aftershave, beard cream, and a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner in the collection. The products have a light scent and aren’t greasy – things that can be sticking points with other products.

From TV Show to Hair and Skin Care

According to Paul Rivera, co-creator of The Shop series on HBO, the new grooming collection is a way for people to recreate the barbershop experience at home. “Our show was designed to bring people inside the shop for the debates, the arguments, and the therapy you can only get at a true neighborhood spot. Now we want to give people another side to the experience,” said Rivera. “There is nothing like the feeling you have walking out of the shop looking your best. It’s so amazing to partner with Walmart in neighborhoods all over the country to create a line of products to give people another way to experience a truly great barbershop.”

The Shop Men's Grooming Line | Photo: The SpringHill Company

Why we like it

We love that The Shop men’s grooming line was made to help men of all ages embrace and celebrate the importance of personal care. The selection of products covers all the basics, especially for guys who don’t have a skincare regimen in place. The fact that the products are affordable and accessible means that everyone can give these products a try.

Where to get it

The Shop men’s grooming line is available at Walmart stores nationwide and on their website. See all of their products and buy your favorites here.

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