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Birchbox Affected by Hurricane Sandy

Birchbox Affected by Hurricane Sandy, Potential Delay in Service

Birchbox Man

Hurricane Sandy took a bite out of the northeast this week leaving millions without power and putting the brakes on a lot of major commerce. Birchbox, the company sending you samples of grooming and lifestyle products on a monthly subscription basis, is one of the many businesses affected. In an email sent out this morning, they updated customers as to how operations have been affected by the storm and subsequent flooding in their area.

Monday night, Hurricane Sandy landed on the Eastern seaboard. If you or your family live in the area, we hope you are safe and sound. Due to the storm, Birchbox’s New York office will be closed until further notice. Many Birchbox staffers are without power but those who are able are working from home. Our New Jersey warehouse is also closed, and UPS and USPS have suspended service in many areas. We wanted to update you about potential delays in your Birchbox service.

Due to the state of emergency, full-size orders placed on or after Friday, 10/26 will be delayed. Unfortunately, the November Women’s Birchbox shipments may be delayed up to a week and many will ship after the 10th. Our customer service staff is working from home to answer emails but response times will be slower than usual.

They promise to keep customers updated on progress in the coming days. We know that some of our readers are Birchbox subscribers, so we wanted to share the latest with you. Don’t worry, you’ll still get your box in the mail, it may just be a little later than normal. Under the circumstances, we’d say it’s understandable, and the November box (there be spoilers here, matey!) looks like it’ll be well worth the wait.

Update: As of 11.5, Birchbox service is back to normal. Here’s the update direct from the source:

Full-size orders from the shop are shipping immediately. The schedule for Men’s boxes has not been affected. Our women’s boxes will begin shipping in waves starting on Wednesday 11/7. We appreciate your patience as we make up for lost time due to our warehouse’s closure and reduced staffing.