Chubstr Behind the Brand: JCPenney Part 2

Behind the Brand: JCPenney Foundry Big & Tall Part 2

Part 2 of the 3 part series premiere of Behind the Brand has arrived! This week, you get to see the samples that were created from the designs and ideas we showed you in part 1. The Foundry team shows us what the samples look like on both a tall model and a big model.

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From Samples to Stores

Once their initial designs come back as samples, the Foundry team puts them on fit models to find out how they work in real-world scenarios. Designers will have the models move around in the clothes, even going as far as getting out and driving around the JCPenney campus to gauge comfort. After that, they gauge how things fit and alter the clothing accordingly. Once the fit is perfected, the final orders are put in for you to buy in stores.

Next Week: The Collection is in Stores!

Check back next Thursday as we take two local big guys to a JCPenney store and put them in clothes from the fall collection. Don’t want to wait? You can shop the Foundry fall collection (with sizes to 6XL) for yourself by clicking here.

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