Hill City X-purpose short

Where’s My Size, Hill City?

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Back in September, Gap, Inc launched a new men’s performance athleisure brand called Hill City. The male counterpart to Gap’s Athleta brand, Hill City fills a void in the company’s business. The clothing is a mix of workout gear and clothes you can wear to your job at that startup. Basically, it’s all kinds of stuff that you would probably want to wear. Unfortunately, Hill City sizes end at XXL & 40 waist.

I’m doubly bummed about the size restrictions because, after researching their site for this article, I have a list of items from Hill City I would love to wear.

The Everyday Pant in Athletic Fit

This is the kind of pant I’m always on the hunt for. Roomy in the thighs, but not too roomy everywhere else. Made with 3% spandex the the pants move with you instead of against you. They were even made to maintain a consistent for longer than other pants out there. All of the things I mentioned would be a dream for guys with bigger legs and thighs.

5″ Perforated Run Short

I recently discovered the pure joy of short running shorts thanks to the mighty comfortable Adidas supernova shorts, so a pair of these bad boys from Hill City would be a great addition to my collection. Plus, this has a built in boxer where the supernova has a brief. I’m not much of a briefs guy. Chances are, with the stretch the 5″ Perforated Run Short offers, I could make them work, but I want those of you who are bigger than me to know the glory of kicking it in short shorts. Hill City, if you make these in bigger sizes, people will buy them.

Everything in the Hill City Outerwear Section

I want one of everything Hill City offers in outerwear. I’m very partial to the Thermal Light Shirt Jacket in green. It reminds me a little of the Ambassador Jacket from Large Lad Clothing, but lighter. It’s a shirt jacket after all.

So, I Asked Hill City About Extended Sizes

Bottom line, I love the form and function of Hill City clothing and would buy it like crazy if it was available in my size. I’m probably not the only one. I decided to reach out to Hill City via social to find out if they had any plans to add bigger sizes, and I got a solid…maybe. See for yourself:

So, not a total loss, right? Tall guys get Hill City this fall and maybe big guys will follow soon after. They could be working on big & tall right now – trying to make sure they get it just right. When Bonobos launched their awesome Extended Size line back in September, it was the culmination of more than a year of work to get it just right. Maybe Hill City is working on bigger sizes, but they’re not quite ready yet. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and see if they have any updates closer to the end of the year.

They could be working on big & tall right now – trying to make sure they get it just right.

Tell Hill City You Want Big & Tall Options

That said, if you like the stuff you’ve seen here and want to see more of it in your size, tell them! Hit up Hill City on social, or send them a message via their website and (respectfully, we’re all adults here) let them know that you’re bigger, you’re into their type of athleisure and you’d like to give them your hard-earned cash. Sometimes, just asking for a thing gets you the thing.

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