Bonobos Extended Sizes Launches

Bonobos Extended Sizes Gives Big Guys What They’ve Been Waiting For

Stylish men’s clothing brand Bonobos just launched Extended Sizes, their take on big and tall clothing. Made specifically for bigger bodies with sizes to 4XL and 54 waist, the line offers the modern looks we want in clothes that actually fit. I put their suits, shirts, chinos and pants to the test to find out how they fit and perform on a plus size guy.

Bonobos Extended Sizes Suits
Bonobos Extended Size suits don’t look boxy

Bonobos Extended Sizes: Made for Bigger Bodies

When Bonobos set out to create an extended size line, they knew they had to get it right the first time. The design team started from scratch, learning about the pain points big guys have with clothes and designing based on bigger, rounder bodies. This research resulted in modifications to the extended size clothing that simply make everything fit better.

With shirts, Bonobos lowered the neck drop so that collars don’t sit so high on big guys with shorter necks. With pants like their Stretch Washed Chinos, designers increased the angle at which the waistband sits on the body to account for people wearing their pants under their belly. Even the suits and blazers were modified for a cleaner appearance and better fit.

From larger buttons to hidden elastic panels, there are a ton of modifications specifically for the big and tall gent.

Bonobos Extended Sizes
Casual and Comfortable, no matter what you wear

Bonobos Extended Sizes Offer Style and Fit

The big man’s eternal struggle – finding clothes you actually want to wear that fit your body. You’re in luck! Bonobos took the designs they offer in XS, S, M and L, XL and XXL and incorporated them into their Extended Sizes line. Fun items like the Riviera Short Sleeve Shirt I’m wearing above were created with an eye on style and in a modern fit.

Bonobos Extended Sizes Blazer

Some guys get a little nervous when they hear about modern fits, thinking this means slim and constricting. Not so with Bonobos Extended Sizes – while they don’t drape off you, they allow for the comfort and range of movement that we’ve been asking for all these years.

My First Impressions

I try on a lot of big & tall clothing and my experiences have run the spectrum. Since the beginning of Chubstr, I’ve been searching for clothes with style that fit me the right way. I wanted the same kind of looks we see smaller-sized people wearing, but made for my body. When I put on the first pair of chinos, I knew Bonobos got it right. They nailed the modern fit for big guys. Nothing hangs off or constricts.

Bonobos Extended Size Dress Shirts
Dress shirt collars that won’t choke you!

When I first looked at the shirts, I was a bit nervous, but they actually fit like a glove. I was surprised by all the thought that went into making Extended Sizes specifically for bodies like mine. It’s what we’ve been waiting for all these years. Between the style and the fit, I’ll be ordering more. It not only makes me look good, but I feel good in the clothes I’m wearing.

Bonobos Extended Sizes
Fun patterns that stand out and look great

Try Bonobos Extended Sizes for Yourself with 30% Off

Bonobos is taking things a step further by allowing customers to try their new Extended Sizes in select stores, called Guideshops, around the country. Head into a Guideshop location, find something you like and try it on. Love it? They’ll order it for you and it’ll be shipped to your home. With hassle-free shipping and returns, you’re good to go.

Bonobos Extended Sizes Suits for Big & Tall

According to the company, this is just the beginning of their move into clothes for bigger bodies. Does that mean even more sizes and fits in the future? For a company focused on offering its customers the perfect fit, this wouldn’t be surprising.

Learn more about Bonobos’ new Extended Sizes and get 30% off your first order with code CHUBSTR30 at checkout.

*Offer good for one-time use. Applies to Extended Sizes only.

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