Reader Photo: Emaij Doolittle

Today’s reader photo comes from Emaij Doolittle! Emaij is a 6’1 twenty-year-old majoring in nursing and minoring in biology at the University of Central Oklahoma. Check out how to recreate his look in your size. You can also find Emaji @R8ted_ESee on Twitter and @e.maij on Instagram.

T-Shirt: ASOS (Sizes to 6X)

Denim Shirt: ASOS (Sizes to 5X)

Jeans: ASOS (Waist to 48)

Bracelet: ASOS

Necklace: ASOS

Help other readers find the looks they want in their size! Send us your photo and tell us who you are, what you’re wearing, and where you got it from. You can submit your photo here or tag @Chubstr on your favorite social.


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