Wide the Brand big and tall

Wide the Brand Wants to Give Big Guys Clothes They’ll Love

There still aren’t enough clothing options for big and tall guys that focus on fit AND style. Mahrzad Lari, cofounder and creative director of Wide the Brand is trying to change that by kickstarting a brand designed for plus size men first, with sizes from XL to 6XL.

Wide the Brand big & tall

As a heavier kid and a larger adult, Lari saw firsthand how bigger men have traditionally been overlooked when it comes to fashion. Like many of us, he wore whatever he could find and made it work. Over time, frustration with that lack of selection led Lari to learn how to design and construct clothing, which turned into a 10 year stint working for one of Canada’s biggest luxury fashion houses.

Wide the Brand big and tall trench coat

Solving Big & Tall Clothing Issues

During this time, Lari realized that he could help fill a void in the big and tall industry, and began work on what would become Wide the Brand. Most brands simply size up clothes made from patterns designed for smaller bodies, which leads to ill-fitting garments. From pattern work and sewing techniques to studying how bigger bodies move, Wide the Brand focused on making clothes with form, style, and function. This research helped ensure a better fit on plus size bodies and also led Lari and his team to fundamentally change the way they design clothing.

Wide the Brand Sweatshirt

How Wide the Brand is Different

Wide the Brand’s focus on solving common clothing issues big guys have to deal with has paid off. Gaps between the buttons on button-down shirts aren’t a problem because the brand’s shirts are designed with a slip-on sewn seam that prohibits stretch or button popping. Focusing on detail, cut, proportion, and type of fabric allowed Lari to create clothing that stands out and looks great.

In order to ensure quality, Wide the Brand is being designed and produced entirely in Canada, where the company is located.

Wide the Brand Jumpsuit

Big Guys Want On-Trend Options

Bad fit and lack of style are two of the biggest complaints you’ll regularly hear about men’s extended size clothing. Wide the Brand has taken on the fit issue, but what about style? For Lari, the style was as important as fit. “We want wide men to finally be excited by the idea of shopping for their clothes instead of thinking of the experience as a burden. We want to help give them confidence, allow them to put their best-dressed self forward and zone in on their full potential. We want our men to finally feel great in their skin, and be proud of themselves.”

Wide the Brand big and tall button down shirt

Wide the Brand Kickstarter is Almost Fully Funded

Lari launched Wide the Brand’s Kickstarter 4 days ago and the campaign is already 65% funded. Their first collection will include a variety of clothing such as crewneck sweaters, cargo overshirts, t-shirts, bomber jackets, trench coats, jumpsuits and more. You can support their Kickstarter campaign here, and learn more about the company at their website.

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