Stitch Fix Big & Tall Box
Tee from the Stitch Fix Big & Tall Box

What’s New From Stitch Fix Big & Tall for Spring & Summer?

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Earlier this year, we introduced you to the Stitch Fix Big & Tall Box, offering clothes in many styles with sizes to 3X & 48 waist. The company offers a clothing box service that connects you with a personal stylist who sends you clothes that fit your style, size and needs. In order to learn more about the service, I’ve been receiving boxes for the last few months. Here’s what stands out to me, and why you should give them a try.

stitch fix big and tall
Petra Solid Cardigan for spring from the May Stitch Fix box

Big & Tall Boxes Customized to Your Needs

Having a dedicated personal stylist who gets to know your needs is huge. When you create an account, you tell Stitch Fix what you like, what you don’t, and specifically what you’re looking for. Need clothes for the office? Perfect. Looking for activewear for the gym? No problem. Want a mix of those, plus some casual gear? They’ve got you covered.

Each month, before your next box is sent out, you’ll get an email from Stitch Fix asking if there’s anything in particular you want sent along. Maybe you need more socks, or maybe you’re heading to a wedding next month and need a dress shirt. Tell your stylist and they will include something that matches your request.

Stitch Fix Big & Tall T-Shirt
Carlos Printed Pocket Tee paired with my own shorts

Brands You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

I like to pride myself on knowing most of the brands out there making big & tall clothing. Every month, I’m surprised by something I receive in the Stitch Fix Big & Tall Box. Exclusive brands like Bixby Nomad, and Alesbury arrive in the box along with New Balance and Polo. I’m finding something new in each box that fits my style and my body.

Stitch Fix Big & Tall Box Shorts
Polo shorts & New Balance 997H with my own Bonobos shirt

Stitch Fix Big & Tall: Clothes for Every Kind of Style

Offering clothes that fit your specific style seems to be a big goal for Stitch Fix Big & Tall. When you initially sign up, you share your style preferences, and as long as you’re a customer, you can keep refining your results by logging into your account and voting on specific articles of clothing. See something you like? Give it a thumbs-up. Find something that isn’t your style? Thumbs down and you’ll never see it again. This allows your stylist to actually style you – something that can be great for guys who are just starting to figure out their look.

Stitch Fix Big and Tall Box Socks
You can even get accessories in the Stitch Fix Big & Tall Box

You also get the chance to give feedback on everything that comes in your box. Tell them what worked and what didn’t. Explain what you like about specific clothing and accessories. You can even send them photos of looks you like, or photos of yourself looking great (which is exactly what I did). This gives your stylist a better chance of getting you exactly what you need.

Stitch Fix Big & Tall Box Guide
David Bowie tee from my April Stitch Fix Big & Tall Box

So, What Are the Downsides?

The downsides to Stitch Fix big & tall are few. The biggest one – it would be great to see sizes beyond 3X & 48 waist. Don’t be surprised if more sizes are added in the future. Aside from that, since each item in your box is made by a different brand, everything will fit differently. Luckily, if something doesn’t fit, you just send it back and you won’t be charged for it. You only pay for what you decide to keep.

Big & Tall National Park T-Shirt
Red Jacket national park t-shirt

Is Stitch Fix Big & Tall Worth a Try?

I love the convenience of the service, and the fact that I get to have a stylist out there finding me things in my size that I actually want to wear. We all know how hard it can be to do that, so having a little help each month, and being able to keep only the things I like is great. Give Stitch Fix Big & Tall a try for yourself here.