Stitch Fix Big & Tall Box

Hands On With the Stitch Fix Big & Tall Box

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Clothing subscription boxes are all the rage right now. We’ve given you an overview of many of the boxes on the market and recently mourned the end of the JCPenney + Bombfell service, but which one is right for you? We’re taking a closer look at each, beginning with this hands-on review of the Stitch Fix Big & Tall Box, with sizes to 3XL and 48 waist.

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How the Stitch Fix Big & Tall Box Works

Stitch Fix is similar to many clothing subscription boxes in that the service pairs you with a stylist who sends you clothes based on your size, needs and preferences. The preferences, however, is where the company excels. When you sign up for an account, you take a style quiz, which is essentially how you tell Stitch Fix about yourself.

Stitch Fix Big & Tall Jacket
Big & Tall Quilted Packable Jacket from Stitch Fix

The quiz asks you about your life, from the basics, such as height, weight, age and clothing sizes, to occupation, how you commute to work and whether or not you’re a parent. This helps them understand your day to day needs and makes for better recommendations. From there, the quiz asks you how you like to wear your clothes – how they should fit, what issues you run into, and what your preferences are. Once you share this info, you’re on to the style portion of the quiz.

Stitch Fix Helps You Find Your Style

When you get to the style section of the Stitch Fix quiz, you’ll choose the type of styles you wear and how often. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to talk about what you like and what you want more of. Do you dress more for style or comfort? What brands are your favorite? What about colors and patterns? Share what you wear now and the things you like (and what you don’t), and your Stitch Fix stylist will make better recommendations.

Once you finish the quiz, it’s time to get ready for your first Stitch Fix Big & Tall Box. Choose how often you want to receive a box – from every 2-3 weeks to every 3 months – and you’re good to go. Like most clothing box services, there is a $20 stylist fee, which goes toward the items you keep.

Stitch Fix Big & Tall Sweater
Big & Tall Branson Crewneck Sweater from Stitch Fix

Here’s What Was in My Stitch Fix Big & Tall Box

I went through the process to give a Stitch Fix a try for myself. My first box arrived about a week after signing up, and featured 5 items that ran the spectrum of styles based on my specifications. My stylist also sent along a card that gives suggestions on how to put together full looks around the clothes in the box. This ended up being one of my favorite aspects of the service, because it gave me ideas for looks that I wouldn’t have otherwise considered. The looks you see in this article are based on my Stitch Fix stylist’s recommendations.

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Stitch Fix Offers Styling Suggestions for Each Box Item

My first box included a jacket, two very different styles of button down shirts, a David Bowie graphic t-shirt, and a light sweater. In my quiz, I specified that I wanted fashion-forward, interesting and quirky options along with some more familiar picks. There were some things I liked more than others, but the beauty of the service is that your stylist learns from your feedback on the contents of each box. You can give notes on each item in your Stitch Fix account.

Stitch Fix Big & Tall Paisley Button Down Shirt
Da Costa Big & Tall Rayon Shirt

Stitch Fix Big & Tall Clothing Sizes and Fit

Everything in my Stitch Fix Big & Tall Box came from different brands, which meant that each piece had its own unique fit. The blue jacket I’m wearing in the photo above fit well in the arms and shoulders, but was too snug in the stomach (which was a shame, because I loved the way it looked). The black and white paisley button down shirt was very flowy and not quite my personal style, but it would be perfect for someone else. The other button down, the Bowie tee, and the sweater fit me perfectly. All in all, I’d call it a win.

My hope is that Stitch Fix expands their sizing beyond 3X and 48 waist in the future, but it’s a great step in the right direction.

Stitch Fix Big & Tall Shirts
Bushwillow Cotton Linen Shirt

Should You Try the Stitch Fix Big & Tall Box?

If you’re looking to crank up your style or just supplement your wardrobe, the Stitch Fix Big & Tall Box is definitely worth a try. You get a personal stylist who understands your needs and will send you clothes in your style and size on a regular basis, plus you don’t have to do the often annoying work of finding clothes in your size that you actually want to wear.

Click here to create your Stitch Fix account and take the style quiz.

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