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The Well-Rounded Gent: The Perfect Pocket Square

If I’m wearing a blazer, chances are good that you’ll see a pocket square poking out of pocket.  In my opinion, a well-dressed gent should always accessorize with one – it gives your outfit a sense of polish that’s sometimes lacking when you simply throw on a blazer.  However, a good pocket square doesn’t have to draw attention to itself.  There are plenty of patterns, colors, fabrics, and folding techniques to choose from.  The key is to choose something that suits your personality.

I recently wanted to find the perfect white pocket square, and I quickly discovered that the options are somewhat limited.  After a lot of searching and experimenting with different brands, I finally purchased a set of Irish Linen Handkerchiefs from Brooks Brothers, and I couldn’t be happier.  The color is pure, the texture is subtle, and the linen is extremely crisp.  These pocket squares are extremely high quality, are appropriate for any occasion, and are perfectly understated.  The hem is also smaller than cheaper brands, which tend to add unnecessary bulk when folded.  Don’t know how to fold a pocket square?  Use the TV Fold.  Your grandfather would be proud.

The Irish Linen Handkerchief can be purchased in a set of three at Brooks Brothers for $65.00.

Feature photo by Jose C Silva

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