Mark the Moon Landing with Stylish Sneakers from GE + Android Homme

Photo: GE

It’s been 45 years since the Apollo mission to the moon, and to celebrate, GE has teamed up with footwear company Android Homme to “update” the shoe for today’s style focused consumer (or space enthusiast).

GE + Android Homme sneakers

The high tech sneakers are made using stabilized carbon fiber and a water resistant coating normally found in jet engines. You’ll also find a thermoplastic rubber and a reflective material integrated into the shoe to allow for durability and…well, basically to allow the shoe to stand out.

Want a pair of your own? Good luck. Only 100 pair will be sold to the public for about $200 through on 7/20, the exact day of the walk on the moon.

GE + Android Homme sneakers back

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