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Eternidad Eyewear Brings Style to Glasses for Big Heads

Glasses for big heads from Eternidad Eyewear
Glasses for big heads from Eternidad Eyewear

When you’ve got a larger than average head, finding accessories that fit can be a pain. Eternidad Eyewear is trying to make it easier for those of us with oversized craniums to buy stylish glasses in the sizes we need. The European company was created after the owners realized that there were a lot of people out there running into the same problem – their glasses were just too small.

The "classic" Eternidad E111
The “classic” Eternidad E111

Eternidad Eyewear Sizes

What glasses sizes does Eternidad Eyewear offer, you ask? Measurements run as follows:

Eye size measurement 55- 57mm

Bridge measurement 18- 23mm

Temple measurement 150 -155mm

Frame size 150mm from hinge to hinge

The "modern" E112 from Eternidad Eyewear.
The “modern” E112 from Eternidad Eyewear.

Though they currently offer a total of 5 frames, only 3 of them are available to U.S. customers. The E111, E112, and soon-to-be-available E113. The E111 serve as the company’s classic frame, while the E112 is the more modern design. The E113 is expected to resemble a Wayfarer, so if you’re into that look, wait until they’re released to purchase.

When you purchase a pair of Eternidad Eyewear frames, you get the frames and demo lenses. The lenses serve as a guide for your optician to use to create your actual prescription lenses. Both the E111 and E112 retail for $249. If you’re looking for glasses made specifically to fit a bigger head, these frames are worth a closer look. Visit Eternidad Eyewear’s U.S. online store here.

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