Did Target Sneak in a Plus Size Male Model?

I was perusing the Target.com big and tall section this past weekend, when I came across the gentleman below:

Is this a Target plus size male model?

Photo: Target

That’s right, a male model with a bit of a gut. Sure, the photoshop is strong with Target’s design team, but I’m pretty sure I can see a peek of love handle in some of the photos I came across on their website. The above photo isn’t the only one featuring the man in question, there are more. Here are a few:

Mossimo Target Big Guy

Photos: Target

Is He a Plus Size Male Model?

Is the model above the type of plus size male model we’re hoping to see more of in the mainstream? Well, maybe? His photos have been pretty heavily edited, so it’s difficult to tell. As my colleague Matthew Simko told me this morning, “Honestly, people who are buying clothes that size want to see a big guy wearing them, so they know how things will actually look on their bodies. He’s been really photoshopped. Guys want to see how a shirt is going to fit over their stomach. Is the length right? How does it fit in the arms? All things that are especially important when you’re buying online.”

Matt’s right. We want to see people who look more like us wearing the clothing a company is trying to sell to us, especially if it’s being marketed as ‘big and tall’. On a positive note, I will say that it’s nice seeing a stockier, younger model, even if he’s pretty photoshopped.

Would You Like to See Plus Size Male Models on Target.com?

Now it’s time for you to tell us your thoughts: What do you consider to be a big and tall male model? When you think of a plus size male model, what comes to mind? Is this the beginning of more size diversity on the men’s clothing side of Target? I’ve reached out to Target PR to find out more.

Would you buy more big and tall clothing from Target if they featured plus size male models? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Note: You can trust that we maintain strict editorial integrity in our writing and reviews; however, we receive compensation when you click on links and purchase products from our partners, such as Target. Be assured – we want to see plus size male models in the mainstream as much as you do!

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