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Chubstr Exclusive: JCRT Launches Plaid Shirts

Photo: JCRT

You’ve seen these guys before, wearing their signature plaid shirts fitted so perfectly you could cry. You’re dying to get your hands on one just like it, one that fits your body type, but it’s been almost impossible to find. Until now. For the last 10 years, Costello Tagliapietra has been crafting couture dresses for women on the red carpet all across the world. Jeffrey and Robert, the men behind the brand, built quite a name for themselves in the fashion industry as sought after designers, while enjoying massive success in the process. Then, they decided to take a break and try something new. So the question is, with that much success, and that much demand, what comes next? The answer: JCRT.

Here they are, two big guys, wearing plaid shirts that fit like a glove, with people around the world clamoring for one just like theirs. To Jeffrey and Robert, the next step seemed like a natural one; to design, make, and sell their signature plaid shirts directly to the people who want them the most, with sizes available to 4X (which you can rightfully expect to sell out quickly). And with that, JCRT was born.

JCRT Plaid Shirts
Photo: JCRT

While switching gears was nerve-racking for CT, they felt passionate about this personal project. On a phone call earlier this week, Robert Tagliapietra told Chubstr “We’ve always been big boys, and tailored our own shirts. We know the struggle of finding a shirt that fits. We made these shirts for the guys who can’t, or don’t know how to go about tailoring their own clothes.” Quite frankly, hearing Robert say that was music to our ears.

JR3001 CTSHR BLBRPL_Blue and Brown Plaid_041a
JCRT Blue & Brown Plaid Slim Cut

Each of the plaid patterns are hand drawn by Jeffrey and Robert themselves. In the regular marketplace, patterns are designed on a computer, then transferred to an article of clothing and repeated. A far cry from the limited edition plaids you see here. What does plaid mean to JCRT? “Plaid is playful, familiar, and a way to incorporate color, but is still traditional,” Robert explains. The fabric quality, cut, and finish were obsessed over, just as they would be with couture gowns. Tagliapietra elaborated, “We know that when sizes get bigger, certain things like arm holes and the amount of fabric in the arms needs to change accordingly.” Unlike other shirts made using an algorithm, JCRT shirts feel like they were made for you regardless of size. A far cry from the off the rack masses most of us are accustomed to.

Illustration: JCRT

With bespoke details like french seams, the shirts are easier to alter if need-be, and the yoke (the part of the shirt that runs across your back and shoulders) was split to provide more mobility and comfort. When talking with Robert, it’s clear that the fit of the shirt was extremely important in the overall process. With a background in tailoring, the duo wanted to make sure that “this $125 shirt fit like an $800 shirt. And that’s how we constructed it.”

JCRT Yellow & Grey Plaid Brooklyn Slim Cut
JCRT Yellow & Grey Plaid Brooklyn Cut

For men, the JCRT shirts are available in two different fits, Brooklyn and Wyoming. Brooklyn is a slim cut with “crisp collars and cuffs” void of pocket or placket, making it perfect for layering under a cardigan or jacket. The shirt tails are done in a longer length, so it won’t come untucked, taking care of a problem that every big boy has dealt with at one point or another. For a more classic fit, Wyoming moves the arm holes up a bit and adds a center placket and matched pockets with flap. Both are 100% cotton and machine washable because let’s face it, going to the drycleaner is a chore. Each shirt has an extensive size chart on JCRT.com along with the measurements and height of the models.

Navy & White Double Faced Check Wyoming Classic Cut
Navy & White Double Faced Check Wyoming Classic Cut

Beyond the Brooklyn and Wyoming, you’ll notice a host of other offerings including t-shirts, boots, ties, totes, suspenders, and even something for the pup in your life. A women’s plaid shirt is also available.

JCRT Shirts
JCRT Red & White Classic Check

A few years ago, when Costello Tagliapietra let us get a sneak peek at their Perfect Cardigan, we didn’t think their menswear offerings could get any better. This big bearded duo proved us wrong with this new collection of finely crafted shirts in sizes to 4X. JCRT is an exceptional offer from an exceptional team.

To see the full line of JCRT offerings, visit their website at JC-RT.com.