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We Asked About Your Big & Tall Underwear and You Told Us This…

Last week we headed to social media to ask all of you an important question: What kind of big and tall underwear do you wear? Apparenly, this was the question you’d been waiting for us to ask, because SO MANY OF YOU answered. What did we learn? You overwhelmingly love your boxer briefs.

Photo: Scout Underwear

Not boxers, not briefs, not thongs. Boxer briefs. Many of you explained why, saying that comfort and coverage were a big factor. They’re also soft and breathable – great for sleeping in, you said. Some of you just like the look of boxer briefs. Can’t argue with that.

Photo: Swag & Valor

I asked Jody Koenig, co-founder of Bear Skn (and co-host of Heavy Conversation, the podcast we do together. Subscribe here!) why there’s so much love for the big and tall boxer brief. “They’re a hybrid type of underwear that offer comfort and support. Modern clothing styles are usually a tighter fit. As pants are getting slimmer, boxer briefs are closer to the body but still the support a lot of people are looking for. They can also help prevent chub rub for a lot of people, which is huge.”

A few readers shared the brands they prefer to wear, which were all over the place. We compiled a list of some of the big and tall underwear brands you’re fond of, according to your comments:

There you have it. In case you were curious, the runners up in the underwear list included boxers, briefs, trunks and of course, nothing at all. If you’re looking for underwear in your size, take a look at these options that other Chubstr readers are wearing and recommend. Keep an eye out for future reviews featuring these brands and more right here on the site.

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