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TomboyX Brings Gender Neutral Undergarments to the Masses

TomboyX may not be for every person, but their underwear is for everyone. The Seattle-based androgynous brand has recently released a line of nude colors. From pale beige to a deep brown, TomboyX hopes to make it possible for more people to find a “nude” that reflects their own skin tone. These gender-neutral boxer brief styles are built all sizes in mind, featuring size XS to 4x.

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In addition to their full line of nudes across the skin tone spectrum, TomboyX has also released a gender-neutral onesie swimsuit for people who feel more comfortable with a little more coverage. The style is that of a short sleeve rashguard with attached shorts, more reminiscent of a modern wetsuit than the old-timey, striped one-piece swimsuits of the early 20th century.

The brand offers ethically-made items from factory workers producing sustainable goods at living wages. The factories behind TomboyX’s production are woman-owned and spread out across the United States, Canada, and China. The fabrics are sustainable, but also anti-microbial, which means fewer bacteria that can lead to smells and infections – something large customers of all genders can appreciate during hot summer months.

Founded by Fran Dunaway and Naomi Gonzalez, the couple had a mission to create clothing for all bodies regardless of where they fit on the gender spectrum. TomboyX has created completely neutral undergarments to fit an array of body shapes and sizes, but with a more androgynous or dapper woman’s frame in mind – but men can and do wear these fabulous pieces, too.

The brand originally started as a means of making button-up shirts for plus-size women who did not want feminine cuts but also wanted quality fabrics like those found in high-end men’s brands such as Ben Sherman or Robert Graham. As they branched out into underwear at the request of friends and fans, Dunaway and Gonzalez didn’t do things the way the industry usually does.

“We started with a large (sample size). Most companies start with a size zero or two and grade up from there. I think because Naomi and I didn’t come from the industry, we didn’t ever think for a minute that we wouldn’t go all the way to a 4X in everything that we do, and that’s still true, at the same price point,” Dunaway tells the Loose Threads podcast.

“We had lots of discussions around, well, “at 1X we should charge more. No, we’re not going to charge more. This seems so arbitrary. It takes more fabric to go from extra-small to a large and you still charge the same price.” Dunaway continues. “So that was one of the things that we said: “We’re always going to make every style in extra-small through 4X. And we’re going to make sure it fits in each of those styles.”

In 2014, after vetting the product through several rounds of production and fit testing with friends and family, TomboyX took their process into their own hands and funded the production of boxers and boxer briefs by presale. Within two weeks of posting the sale, they were sold out. Now, in 2018, the brand has a full range of super comfortable clothing, swimwear, and undergarments built with plus-size bodies of all genders in mind.

Learn more about TomboyX and shop their full inventory at their website and don’t miss their brilliant campaign videos with models and TomboyX Brand Ambassadors.

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