Washing Your Hair With Beer: Redken Clean Brew Review

Redken Clean Brew Review

I’ve been meaning to try Redken’s Clean Brew Extra Cleansing Shampoo for a while. Being a beer connoisseur and home brewer, I’m interested in trying anything made with the ingredients used to make our brews. Marketed to men, Redken claims that Clean Brew is made for extra dirty hair – you know, the kind that gets construction dust in it, or entrails from a day of smiting evil or something like that. The ingredients that make the shampoo more beer-like, malt and brewer’s yeast, condition and strengthen the hair. They’ve also thrown in orange zest for good measure.

Fuller hair after washing with Clean Brew
Unflattering photo shows fuller hair with Clean Brew

While the above ingredients can make a good beer, they’re also effective when it comes to cleaning your hair. Clean Brew promises to “intensely cleanse to eliminate dirt and oil while helping to purify the scalp.” If you use clay or wax hair products, this shampoo can help remove any buildup they might cause. Since Redken Clean Brew is recommended for normal to oily hair, and I use modeling clay on my hair regularly, I decided to give it a try.

Upon opening the bottle, I noticed a clean, yet citrus-y aroma. It’s pleasant without being overpowering. Some shampoos, especially those targeted toward men, go overboard with “natural” scents, or include artificial fragrances that are just too much. Clean Brew has a smell that will stay with you throughout the day without going too far. It lathers well and feels like any other shampoo, in my opinion. Where I noticed the difference was after rinsing and drying my hair – it felt cleaner and a bit fuller than normal. I’m cursed with fine hair, so finding a product that makes it fuller can be a pain.

I took the most unflattering picture possible in order to show you the fullness right after drying my hair. Fluffy, eh?

It may have been the fact that I was surprised by the fullness of my hair after washing it with this shampoo, but it felt like it was easier to style than normal. Though it’s not my daily shampoo, I liked Redken Clean Brew enough to work it into my regular rotation. And since I know you’re wondering – no, it doesn’t taste like beer at all. Trust me. Get an 8oz bottle of Redken Clean Brew for $13.99 at Amazon.

Deep cleaning, not great tasting.
Deep cleaning, not great tasting.