Warby Parker Everywhere Series Glasses for Big Heads

Warby Parker’s Everywhere Series Wide Frames are a Game Changer

You already know how difficult it can be to find glasses for big heads. Even more annoying? Finding a pair that seems to fit only to have them slide off when you’re doing something active. Warby Parker felt that pain and is solving the problem with their new Everywhere Series wide frames, an eyewear collection specifically for those with an active lifestyle.

How Everywhere Series wide frames are different

Performance is the name of the game with the Everywhere Series. Not only do their wide frames fit well, but they also stay in place. Warby Parker added soft, grippy rubber pads at the nose and the temple tips to keep the glasses where they should be.

Warby Parker Everywhere Collection Review
Image: Warby Parker

Made with a lightweight TR90 material, extra-durable hinges, and a scratch-resistant lens coating, These glasses are made to take whatever you throw at them.

Style and substance

Warby Parker combined style and substance when they created the Everywhere Series. Choose from several frame shapes and colors to find your perfect pair. My favorite is the Betz, which is available in the green you see here and a matte black.

Warby Parker Wade Wide Glasses

There are five styles available in the series, and you can get four of those (the Betz, the Callum, the Wade, and the Odell) in wide or extra-wide sizes. It’s also important to note that depending on your needs, you can choose between eyeglasses or sunglasses. I went for the best of both worlds, opting for prescription Betz sunglasses.

Warby Parker Callum Wide Glasses

Putting the Everywhere Series wide frames to the test

On paper, Warby Parker’s Everywhere Series looks perfect for folks with big heads. So, how do they actually work? I put the glasses to the test for a month, wearing them while mowing the lawn, out to lunch with friends, to concerts, and even on multiple sweaty bike rides.

The glasses stayed in place when some of my other pairs simply wouldn’t. The rubber pads did the job, even against sweaty or oily skin. That, plus the lightweight material the frames are constructed from helped ensure the perfect fit in every scenario.

Good for active lifestyles and more

Warby Parker’s Everywhere Series wide frames are well worth it, even if you’re not running marathons or doing hundred-mile bike rides. With features specifically added to make their frames lightweight while staying in place, they solve a fit problem many people with big heads have with their glasses. With lots of colors and four wide and extra wide styles available, there’s something for everyone here. Get your pair from $175 by clicking here.

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