TOWEL inclusive plus size bath towels launch

TOWEL Aims to Make the Perfect Plus Size Bath Towel

We’ve all been there. You get out of the bath or shower and grab a towel, only to find this threadbare thing that barely fits around you. Enter TOWEL, the new startup aiming to fix that problem with their new, inclusive plus-size bath towels.

The problem

The average American male has a waist size of around 40 inches. According to TOWEL, most towels are made to fit around roughly a men’s size 26 – 28 waist. Not great. This kind of frustration is one of the reasons Brooklyn-based creative Mary Carney decided to start TOWEL.

“It was early Fall 2022 when I got out of the shower and thought, enough is enough, not only do I not have access to clothing, I don’t even have access to bath towels. To think that towels, which most of us use daily don’t fit 75% of the American population is ridiculous. I decided I was going to change this,” Carney shares on the TOWEL Kickstarter page.

Having a towel that fits you isn’t only about function; it’s also self-care. Bigger people deserve good things, like towels that fit them.

Image: TOWEL Kickstarter

One size does not fit all

Carney plans to launch TOWEL with three unique sizes: the Ava, the Joni, and the Gemma. The Ava will work for sizes to 3X, the Joni will cover sizes to 5X, and the Gemma will accommodate sizes to 7X. “We gave our towels names because there is active proof that numerical sizing can negatively impact ones mental health. The TOWEL fit gives you full coverage at the chest, hip and the ability to wrap and tuck,” Carney shares via Kickstarter. 

TOWEL's inclusive plus size towel

Plush (and sustainable)

Of course, we want towels that cover us, but what about comfort? Sustainability? TOWEL has all of that and more. Each towel is made with a plush terry fabric woven in loops. This makes the towel durable yet soft for sensitive skin.

Sustainability was a major consideration when creating these new towels. “It was important to think functionally about the effect our footprint will have long term. This is why I have chosen to work with sustainable methods for manufacturing and fulfillment,” says Carney. TOWEL brand towels are OEKO-TEX certified, which means they are tested for a long list of toxic chemicals.

Carney says that TOWEL will reduce fabric waste as a rule of thumb and is working on a partnership with leading recycling companies to offer customers options to recycle their towels when needed.

Kickstarter: successful!

The TOWEL Kickstarter campaign launched at the beginning of March and was fully funded by the 15th of the month. Campaign backers expect to receive their towels in June. Long term, Carney plans to add more categories to TOWEL’s offerings.

Learn about TOWEL’s plus-size bath towels and join the waitlist at their website. Follow the brand on Instagram at @wearetowel.

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