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Sized Up Episode 3: Atlanta, Georgia

Sized Up episode 3 takes us to Atlanta, Georgia for the TCF Style Expo! We meet up with Marie Denee, The Curvy Fashionista herself to talk about the expo and including big men’s fashion in the event for the first time.

We grab lunch and meet with Mike Moss, owner of Big Man Culture, a personal style consulting firm that works specifically with big and tall men.

Mike Moss Chubstr Sized Up Atlanta
Mike Moss of Big Man Culture | Photo: Ben Eller

After lunch, we head over to JCPenney to get Mike into a brand new look of his own. Like all the looks you see on the show? Click here to get them for yourself in sizes to 5XL in the big & tall section at

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Season one of Sized Up is sponsored by JCPenney!

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