Chinos for Plus Size Men Kickstarter

This Designer Wants to Make the Perfect Chinos for Big Men

Designer Simone Eberth understands that most clothing made for big men isn’t actually made for big men. Initial designs are created using a much smaller fit model and graded up based on that body type. This doesn’t take into account the way that our bodies change as we get bigger, which is why so many things that are supposed to fit you, actually don’t.

Eberth is trying to change that by creating the perfect chinos for plus size men. They stretch with you, stay in place where it’s most important (translation: no baggy pants or plumber’s crack), and they look good on you.

Chinos for Big Men Kickstarter

According to Eberth’s Kickstarter campaign, she plans to launch with three colors: blue navy, dark gray, and sand. Should the campaign exceed its goal, she’ll include a black chino as well. Eberth and team spent two years and more than 5 prototypes perfecting the fit in order to get it just right and plan to offer sizes to 8X, with prices starting at $85.

Chinos for Big Men Kickstarter

Eberth tells us that she’s designing these chinos totally from scratch. “Lots of big brands are adding larger sizes, but this doesn’t mean that they will fit. I have taken a classical stylish chino, ripped it apart and re-made the whole pattern to fit plus size men. [We’re breaking] 100-year-old grading rules that tell you how you’re supposed to make clothes so that we can do it right and make something that fits a bigger man.”

The chinos are being manufactured at Lamosa, a Portugal based company that has been making quality garments for more than 20 years.

As of this writing, the campaign has 46 hours to go to hit its goal. Learn more about Simone Eberth’s plan to create the perfect pair of plus size chinos for men at her Kickstarter page, or head over to her website,

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