TieSight Application

TieSight Teaches You to Tie Your Tie

Although I like to dress well, I’ve never been a fan of the tie. Growing up, I was never required to wear one for formal events, and at my various jobs, a tie has never been a requirement. Because of that, I know how to tie one knot. Shoddily. The problem is, as you get older you run into more situations where more formal attire is required, and you can’t always shirk the tie. Luckily for us, a gent named Claus Zimmermann created TieSight.


Match up with the TieSight outline to get started

TieSight is an application that uses your computer’s webcam to show you step by step how to tie a tie. Select from classic, advanced, or all ten available knots and follow the directions on screen. After you position yourself, you simply match your movements to the illustrations in front of you, and you’ll have the perfect knot in a few steps. Each step shows you exactly what you need to do in order to tie the knot correctly. Once you finish a step, it’s on to the next one.

TieSight Directions

With TieSight, even this guy can tie a tie.

The developers thought ahead and programmed three options to help you get through the tutorial if your hands are full and you cant click the next arrow. You can set TieSight for manual, noise recognition, or timer. I used noise recognition, and all I had to do was cough, stomp, or speak loudly to go to the next step.

TieSight Tutorial Complete

When finished, take a snapshot & share with your friends

Once you get through each of the steps, you’re taken to a final screen that lets you look at your handiwork with the screen unencumbered by illustrations. You can also snap a photo of your newly tied tie and share it if you’re so inclined. All in all, I found TieSight to be a handy, easy to use resource for tying knots. As of now, it is only available as a Mac or an iOS app.