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Fitbay wants clothing for everybody

Fitbay – Clothes for everybody

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Fitbay has closed. You can learn about their mission and what they were trying to do below.

We all know that searching for clothes in the styles we like and the sizes we need is a pain. It’s less so when you’re using the internet to find what you want, but it still isn’t easy. Most brands don’t offer extended sizes, and the ones that do aren’t always great at letting customers know what they have available for their bigger customers.

There just aren’t many companies showing us cool clothing that fits, and where we can buy it. That’s where Fitbay comes in. Their mission?

Clothes for everybody – Imagine walking into a wardrobe where everything fits

Interesting, right? You know how most stores do it – you see a shirt in your size online. You order it. When it arrives, it doesn’t fit you at all. Annoying. What Fitbay is doing is basically erasing this problem by creating a community of people of varying shapes and sizes who share info on the clothing that fits them well. This helps you be ensuring that the clothes their website recommends to you fit, because it actually fit on another user with a similar body type.

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Finding Your Body Doubles

I was intrigued, so I signed up for an account at their website. (Note – You can also download their handy app and sign up that way) The process was quick and painless: Create an account and take the Body Quiz. This is the part that helps Fitbay give you super relevant recommendations, and connects you with similar users in their community. Input information on gender, body type, and some basic body size information (Don’t worry – you can choose whether you want any of this information to be public or not), and you’ll immediately see a list of body doubles – other users that have similar dimensions to you. From there, you can choose to follow some of them, or navigate to other parts of the site.

Depending on what other users share publicly, you’ll see a bit of information about them on their profile. This includes the body type info they’ve entered, a profile photo, a quick bio, and the clothes they added to their profile. Click the image above to see my own profile.

Add clothes that fit

Add your clothes that fit & get better recommendations

Add Your Clothes For Great Recommendations

From here, you can add your favorite clothing to your profile. If it fits you, you can throw it onto the list. Either share a link to a product, or upload a photo of your own to show others what it looks like. Choose a brand, category, and the size of your clothing, and you’re good to go. You’ve added something from your wardrobe that will help other people who are similar in size find more clothes that actually fits them.
I was pleasantly surprised to find people around my size doing exactly that at Fitbay, which makes the site more worthwhile to use.

Fitbay gives you recommendations

Fitbay recommends clothes that fit your body doubles

Reap the Rewards of Your Work

Adding your favorite clothing to your profile pays off when you click on the Discover link at the top of the page. Since you’ve shared your size info and the stuff in your closet that fits, you’ll see a list of clothing options from a variety of brands with the sizes you’re looking for. Mouse over an image and you can click on the “Want” button to add it to your want list to review later, or click on the image to get a closer look, and an option to buy the item from a Fitbay partner.


Join Fitbay and make the big & tall recommendations even better

Help Fitbay Do Even More for Plus Size Men

While Fitbay is closing in on 100,000 members, they’re still growing and gaining new followers of all sizes. The more big men that join (it’s totally free – forever) and update their profiles, they more options we’ll see for clothing in the style they’re looking for and the sizes they need.

More users equals more relevance and more cool clothing options for us men of size. Sign up, follow Chubstr at Fitbay (we’ll follow you right back!), and share the cool stuff you’ve got in your closet, so you can find more options you probably didn’t even know were available for guys like us.

Sign up for Fitbay at www.fitbay.com to get started!

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