Johnny Bigg US Big & Tall Spring 2022

Johnny Bigg Launches U.S. Website with Sizes to 9X

Australian big & tall brand Johnny Bigg just launched their U.S. website, making it easier for customers around the world to shop their collection of modern, stylish clothing with sizes to 9X and 54 waist in big or tall options. So, will their men’s plus size offerings work for you? We put together a few looks from their 2020 collection, and here’s what we found. 

Johnny Bigg Big & Tall U.S. Style

The History of Johnny Bigg

Johnny Bigg was created to offer big and tall guys a fashionable place to shop. Since their launch in 2014, the brand has grown to 63 stores in Australia and New Zealand, with plans to expand to over 80 stores total. Their goal is to offer modern, quality products for every occasion.

Johnny Bigg Big & Tall Streetwear

Here’s What You’ll Find in the Johnny Bigg U.S. Collection

Just like their Australian website, the Johnny Bigg U.S. site offers a wide range of clothing, shoes, and accessories. The company tells us their goal is to be a one stop shop for fashion and footwear that doesn’t compromise on quality, style or fit. The site offers a diverse product mix that includes suits, shirts, chinos, denim and more in both casual and more formal options. A quick search of the shirts section brings back over 130 products.  

Johnny Bigg U.S. Button Down Shirts

Johnny Bigg Doesn’t Skimp on Style

Style is still an afterthought for many big & tall brands. Johnny Bigg U.S. made, fit and style two of their main considerations. The styles you’ll find on the website are modern and on-trend, including fits and designs that aren’t always easy for a big and tall customer to find in their size. 

You may find that you need a larger size than what you usually wear from other brands.

How Do the Clothes Fit?

The million dollar question: will the clothes from Johnny Bigg U.S. fit you? The short answer is yes. This is another situation where knowing your actual measurements ensures you get the right fit. According to the Johnny Bigg Size Guide, you may find that you need a larger size than what you usually wear from other brands. For example, if you’re a 2X in most brands, you will probably be a 4X in Johnny Bigg. This is because the brand offers more fashionable and modern cuts, and those tend to be more form fitting. Be sure to consult the fit guide before ordering. 

Also – don’t sweat the size difference – it’s just a number! Getting the perfect fit is what’s important.

Johnny Bigg Size Range

Shirts & Tops: XL – 9X (Big sizes and tall sizes available)

Waist Sizes: 34 – 54 waist

Suit Jackets: 42 – 58

Shoes: 9 – 16 U.K. ( 9.5 – 16.5 U.S.)

How Much Does it Cost?

As far as pricing goes, Johnny Bigg could be considered mid-range. The brand is not as expensive as some retailers, and it’s not as inexpensive as fast fashion retailers. The product quality is higher than what you get from those cut rate retailers, and the clothes are made to last. 

Johnny Bigg U.S. Outerwear

What’s Our Verdict on Johnny Bigg U.S.?

I’m a fan of what Johnny Bigg U.S. is offering. Stylish clothing with a modern fit is still difficult to find in extended sizes, but the brand seems to get it. I loved the look and fit of the clothes I tried on, but the important thing for new customers is to make sure you use their fit guide to get products in the sizes you need.

Shop the selection of clothing at Johnny Bigg U.S. for yourself by visiting their website here and let us know what you think!

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