Greg Young Barber Hairstyles for big heads

Greg Young On Helping Others and The Best Hairstyles for Big Heads

Greg Young is the co-owner of Noblemen’s Cut & Shave and founder of The Backpack Barber Foundation, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is on a mission to spread hope and love to the underrepresented within his community by offering them free haircuts, everyday essential products, and community resources. We had the pleasure of talking with Greg about his mission as well as the best hairstyles for bigger heads.

Noblemen's Cut & Shave

Chubstr: When did you first develop your passion as a barber?

Greg Young: It was around 2004. There is no better way to interact with all walks of life than being a barber. I meet people from every industry and every economic background. It’s exciting to hear and see what is going on in their life while also making an immediate impact with a fresh haircut that improves their self-confidence.

Chubstr: What would you say is the most popular hairstyle for men right now?

GY: I am seeing guys ask for the skin fade comb-over look a lot, which is a hairstyle with sharp side-parting and a clearly defined line. The comb-over isn’t necessarily covering a bald spot – what’s left on top of your head can be long or short, combed back or to the side, depending on your preference. I also see the hard part comb over as very popular. This is an easy haircut to maintain every day since you have a fresh, built-in, neat sideline.

Chubstr: Are certain hairstyles better for men with fuller round faces?

GY: I would say hairstyles with a tapered cut, more full on top, shorter on the perimeter where the fade transitions into the side. Fades require expertise, and a skilled barber should keep the fade clean and tight.

Chubstr: More and more balding men are starting to shave their heads, but if a client isn’t ready to take that leap, what hairstyle do you suggest as they transition?

GY: Depending upon the client’s facial shape and structure, and where they are balding, I try to reduce the hair length and then style with Noble Original Matte Paste as it gives a little lift and volume to the hair. This adds texture and a workable firm hold with a non-shiny finish.

Chubstr: What is the number one hair care tip you want to pass on to men?

GY: Don’t leave home with bedhead…keep your hair groomed. Take pride in how you present to the world. Try to go to bed with dry hair and run a comb through it to detangle and tame the volume. In the morning, use a wet comb, then apply some product to the trouble spots for a quick styled look.

Greg Young Talks Hairstyles for Big Heads
Photo: Michael Scott Pollak

Chubstr: Could you please share a little about The Backpack Barber Foundation and how your own life influenced this incredible project?

GY: I created the Noble brand and the Backpack Barber Foundation to spread love, hope, and inspiration. After dealing with addiction and incarceration in my earlier years, I was given control over my life once I learned my self-worth, committed to sobriety, and embarked on my barber career.

A portion of Noble’s profits is reinvested into local communities to lift up underprivileged people and those most vulnerable and in need. The foundation provides free haircuts, backpacks filled with hygiene products and daily essentials, [as well as] community resources, and positive human connection to the homeless and struggling.

Chubstr: There are many misconceptions about the homeless community, but what is one that you wish people knew?

GY: Not everyone is homeless because they are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Many people fall on hard times or have been dealt some bad luck, and it could happen to anyone. Many Americans are a couple of paychecks away from being homeless. This is a harsh reality, and I’ve seen it firsthand.

I value the time I can care for the homeless in our community and hope that my free barber service and one-on-one time makes a bit of a difference in their day-to-day lives.

Chubstr: How can readers get involved with The Backpack Barber Foundation?

GY: Please visit our website, and you can also follow our social media @thebackpackbarberfoundation

Follow Greg Young on Instagram at @gregthebarber954.

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