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Answerland: Finding Size 17 Shoes and Dress Clothing

It’s Answerland, the feature that takes your questions on style, what to wear, where to find it, and just about anything else you might be curious about. Have a question? Ask it here. This week, we help a reader find size 17 shoes, and a suit that fits her growing boy.

Christine says: I am in need of some resources for clothing and shoes for my 12 year old son. He has not even started puberty and he is almost 6 foot and wears a size 17 shoe. That is not a typo-thats right – a size 17 shoe.

His measurements are:
19 1/2 neck
35 sleeve
47 1/2 waist
57 1/2 chest

He is going to be in a wedding this fall, and I am desperate to find dress pants and shoes that look nice, but I dont want to spend a fortune since he will probably only wear them once. It is so hard to find anything trendy for his age and size. Anything would help.

Chuey Martinez
Chuey Martinez knows that shoes can make or break a look

Thanks for the question. It sounds like you’ve got a pretty unique situation! Take a look at these places first:

Shoes for Big Feet

For shoes, take a look at Oddball Shoes. The company specializes in fitting people with large feet in sizes to 20. Zappos also offers shoes in extended widths and sizes to 20. You’ll find a variety of shoes available at both sites, with styles that your son will probably like.

Big and Tall Suits and Dress Clothes

When it comes to suits and dress clothes, you’ve got more options. Here are a few places to look:

Kohl’s Big & Tall: With sizes to 6XL and 66 waist, you’ll be able to find dress clothes that fit your son without much issue.

Men’s Wearhouse is another good option for big and tall dress clothes.  I’d suggest picking him up a nice vest, shirt, and pant combo, and he’ll have something that works for any other events that might come up in the near future.

If you’d prefer to get him a suit, check out Indochino custom suits. The company makes custom suits to fit the customer’s exact measurements, no matter the size. This weekend, all their suits are $389, and worth a look.

What Else is Out There?

I know you’re looking primarily for dress clothes, but be sure to take a look at the Chubstr Shop for modern clothing in extended sizes. Our shop features everything a big guy needs in his closet, from a number of brands carrying sizes to 6X and 68 waist.

Do you have any tips of your own for Christine? Share them in the comments below!