Does the (Duffel) Bag Make the Man?

For years, I was one of those guys who used a bag simply for utility, not as an accessory. Having something I can throw all my stuff in was just fine, whether it was a burlap sack or a plastic bag – I really just didn’t care. Then I realized that I could integrate accessories into an otherwise simple look to help make it stand out while showing my style. Since that moment, I haven’t looked back.

My Burlap Bag

If you’re like me, you probably started out with the backpack or messenger bag. They’re generally inexpensive, you can find one just about anywhere, and these bags get the job done when you need something basic. Everybody has a backpack laying around. I still use mine when I go camping or work from the coffee shop, but it’s nice to have a variety of bags to choose from depending upon what you’re going to be done. Picking up multiple bags doesn’t have to be overly expensive (unless you want it to be, that is) – this isn’t something that has to break the bank.

RVCA National Duffle at East Dane

The Duffel Bag: The duffel has been back in style for the last few years (if it ever really went away), and it’s the perfect bag for an impromptu weekend trip. Grab some clothes, your grooming goodies, stuff them in and you’re good to go. I just picked up the RVCA National Duffle and put it to the ultimate test on a 10 hour road trip.

This bag is a contrast topped canvas bag that, while staying pretty simple, has all the features a guy needs in a bag suited for a quick trip. With external zippered pockets on the front side and each end, there’s enough storage space for smaller things you don’t want coexisting with your clothing. The shoulder strap allows you to throw it over a shoulder with ease, and the webbed nylon handles are made to last. Bottom line, this bag will hold up to anything you come up against (or put in it, for that matter) within reason.

I crushed it into the trunk of my car, underneath a bunch of other luggage, and behind a couch during my extended weekend trip, and once I got home, it was no worse for the wear. This is a great bag for anyone that wants a simple duffel with a bit of style to it. RVCA makes great skate, surf, and streetwear, and the National Duffle is another great addition to their collection.

More bags available at East Dane

Even if the RVCA bag isn’t your…bag…there are quite a few others to choose from at East Dane that run the spectrum from simple, to outdoorsy, to prep, to super high-end. Basically, if there’s a specific style you’re into, you can find a bag that fits it. You’ll find duffels from Filson, Rag & Bone, Herschel Supply Co., Marc by Marc Jacobs and more.

If you just can’t hang with a duffel, consider a tote bag, a computer bag, or the old standby – a backpack.

To answer the question – “Does the bag make the man?” No, but having a few on hand for utility AND style certainly can’t hurt, can it? Click here to see all the bags available at East Dane.

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