Big Fig Mattress for Plus Size People

Sleeping on a Big Fig Bed: One Year Later

It’s been a little more than a year since I started sleeping on a Big Fig Mattress. If you’re unfamiliar, Big Fig is a company that makes a mattress for heavy people. The mattress is made to last 20 years and hold up to 1000 pounds. It’s easy to talk about how great a bed is when it’s brand new, but what about after a year? Let’s take a closer look.

Bruce Sturgell Chubstr Jumping on Big Fig Bed

Does a Big Fig Mattress Sag?

Big Fig focused on solving the problems that many plus size people have with their mattresses – poor support, mattress sag and overheating while sleeping. In the original article, I explained that a Big Fig mattress is constructed with 50% denser foam and a stronger innerspring system to prevent poor support. This basically means that the bed doesn’t sag in the middle or on the edges, as most beds seem to do. One year later, this is still the case – the bed is very supportive and shows no signs of sagging. With my previous mattress, after the first year there was a valley where I slept.

Big Fig Mattress review

How Do You Sleep at Night?

I was initially concerned that a firmer mattress would be uncomfortable. It turns out, I sleep better on a supportive Big Fig Mattress than I did on something softer. The plushness of the top layer makes you sleep on top of the mattress instead of “in” it. After sleeping in so many soft, droopy beds, I now understand that having one that supports you allows for better sleep.

Big Fig Mattress for heavier people review

What About the Big Fig Frame and Foundation?

From mattress, to box spring, to frame, the Big Fig bed is made to stand up to just about any pressure you throw at it. As you can see from the photos, the bed was sturdy enough to hold me while I jumped on it. This is the first bed I’ve owned since I was a child that actually makes me feel small when I lay on it. Since I knew I’d be writing this article, I pulled the mattress off the bed and checked the foundation and frame – everything still looks (and feels) as secure as it did the day it arrived in my home.

Big Fig Mattress Review - 1 Year Later

Here’s How My Big Fig Has Changed in the Last Year

My bed is almost exactly the same today as it was the first night I slept on it. It’s the most comfortable bed I’ve owned in my adult life, and absolutely the best constructed. My Wife and I are both happy with it and expect to be sleeping on it for years to come. The only thing I feel has changed in the last year is the coolness factor. The bed still keeps me cooler than anything else I’ve owned, but the Thermogel cooling technology doesn’t seem as powerful as it did when I first got the bed.

That said, I don’t sweat in bed nearly as much as I used to, so maybe it’s a matter of my body getting used to it. The Big Fig website does point out that no bed can guarantee how hot or cool you may sleep, so having a mattress that actively tries to combat the issue in any way is a plus.

Big Fig Bed Chubstr Review 1 Year Later

Big Fig Bed: My Final Verdict

In my estimation, the Big Fig is the best mattress for heavy people. It is well-constructed and made to last. If you’re sick of mattresses that don’t offer support or have huge valleys after a few months of use, take a closer look at what Big Fig has to offer. You’ll find sizes from twin to split king, and prices ranging from $1399 to $2799 at their website.

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