Big Fig Makes the Best Mattress for Plus Size People

Ask many plus size people, and they’ll tell you – most products aren’t made for them. From clothing to furniture, it’s difficult to find things that are made for bigger bodies. Luckily, a company called Big Fig is offering a better mattress for plus size people. The company sent me one of their mattresses, and I’ve been sleeping on it for the last three months. What did I think about it? find out below.

How Do You Make the Best Mattress for Plus Size People?

You start with a lot of research. Big Fig looked at the problems that plus size people ran into with their current mattresses, found solutions, and put them into a new type of mattress, made to last 20 years and hold up to 1000 lbs. Let’s look at some of the biggest problems the company had to overcome:

Big Fig Plus Size Mattress

Photo: Big Fig Mattress

Problem Solved: Mattress Sag

My last mattress couldn’t take the weight of my body, and created an impression on my side of the bed that I would basically have to roll into. A Big Fig Mattress won’t sink because it is constructed with 3 inches of high-density foam cushioning that makes it more than 50% denser than the foam in a standard innerspring mattress.

Big Fig Mattress Materials

Photo: Big Fig Mattress

Problem Solved: Poor Support

Most people want a bed that offers good support. The Big Fig Mattress gives extra support through a combination of springs and foam. Individually wrapped coils support the layers of foam to help the mattress keep its shape and resilience over time.

Big Fig Mattress Topper

Photo: Big Fig Mattress

Problem Solved: Getting Too Hot While Sleeping

I’ve always overheated when I sleep, so I was surprised to find that after the first week of using a Big Fig Mattress, I hadn’t gotten hot and sweaty once. The mattress topper is made with Thermogel cooling technology that actively cools body temperature during sleep. It’s the same cooling ingredient you find in Ice Breakers gum some sweat wicking workout gear. When it sense moisture, it activates and creates a cooling sensation.

These were the biggest issues for me when considering a new mattress. Big Fig goes even further with a 12 point tufted mattress, as well as the optional reinforced box springs that hold 5x the weight of a standard foundation, and a bed frame made from recycled railroad steel that holds up to 2000 lbs.

The Verdict

I’m a big guy, and I’m almost always aware of how various pieces or furniture respond to me when I use them. The Big Fig mattress handles my weight effortlessly, which is still one of the most surprising parts about the bed.

Nobody wants to spend a ton of time looking for a new bed, only to find that it isn’t comfortable or made to last. If you’re looking for the best mattress for plus size people, take a look at a Big Fig Mattress, with sizes from twin to California king or a split king, and prices ranging from $1399 to $2799. Get yours at their website,

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