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Answerland: Heat in the Philippines & Who’s That Guy?

SwelsCanvas Dresses UpJess asked: Hi! I'm from the Philippines and the climate here right now is extremely hot and humid, making it diffcult for me to dress up since I'm a heavy sweater, and I'm not really comfortable with fabrics other than cotton. I'm fat but not not tall, I stand 5'2" and and my waistline is over 48 inches. How should I dress for humid weather without feeling totally uncomfortable? Thanks!

Thanks for the question Jess. Consider some chinos with a button down shirt and the sleeves rolled up, or maybe a polo. You can also do a colorful slim cut chino short if you're not feeling pants. If your issue with fabrics other than cotton is a personal prefrence thing, you should consider trying some other fabrics, such as linen for your pants. 

Janine asked: Who is the man on the "Get Newsletter" section of your page? He is a cutie!!

This gent never gave us his real name, but you can learn more about Swelscanvas right here. 

David asked: Hey Bruce, I've been thinking of getting a few tailored suit vests similar to the last picture in this post. My plan is to wear them to work instead of wearing a full suit, which tends to be too hot for where i live. What are your thoughts? Is wearing just the vest something us well-rounded gents can pull off or is the jacket a must?

Hi David – the answer to your question is YES! Big guys can definitely pull off the vest-only look. I wasn't sure about it myself until recently, when I went and tried on a vest with some pants and then some jeans, for good measure. It's a well put together look, and I'll definitely be integrating it into my wardrobe regularly. The jacket isn't a must – wear what you like and try going with only the vest if you'd like. I have a feeling you'll like the look. Be sure to send us a photo when you do. 

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