Answerland: Short Trunks, Comfortable Clothes, & Big Tuxedos

Vilebrequin Luxury Big & Tall Swim Trunks

Justin Barnette asks: Hi guys. Trying to find a swimsuit with length above the knee; any suggestions?
There are quite a few options for this type of trunk in extended sizes. Depending on the size need, design preference and budget, take a look at Mahi Gold  (with sizes to 2X) for $78, Polo Ralph Lauren (with sizes to 6X) starting at $44 for a shorter length, or the luxury swimwear of Vilebrequin, with sizes to 5XL, and prices ranging from $185 to $740.

Le Grand Garcon

Karen (@curvycdn) asks: what stores would you recommend for big but not tall guys? My hubby is what they call “portly” or “stout” (sounds like beer…)
Many of our readers, fall into what many stores would categorize as “short and portly.” Luckily, there are a few shops that cater to men built this way. You’ll find that some men’s big and tall shops, like Destination XL offer clothing that fits that specific need. DXL offers a “Size Profile” tool, which allows you to enter your exact sizes in order to only see those sizes when you’re shopping their site, which makes finding what you want that much easier. You’d be surprised by the amount of comfortable, stylish clothing you can find there if you really look around their site.

I’ve had luck with Macy’s and Nordstrom big and tall with sizes to 5X and 6X, and there’s also Muldoon’s, who caters to the “Big, Tall, Short, or Small” gentleman. You’ll really need to do some digging with Muldoon’s, though – their styles run the spectrum from respectable to whatever’s going on here. You’ve inspired us, Karen! Look for an article featuring some of the best places for portly guys to shop in the very near future.

Corbin Chamberlin in Dior

Jessie asks: My fiancé is 6’3″ and around 380 lbs. In getting him a tux for our wedding, are there any certain terms, like double breasted etc, that I should be asking for for a big guy, or any other advice for a big guy getting a tux? Thanks!
Congrats Jessie! First, I’d recommend having your hubby-to-be try on some tuxedos. Hit a local shop and find a look you both like. You can’t really go wrong with a great fitting classic tux. Fit is key here – like most other suits, a tuxedo can look extra boxy on a big guy if the fit isn’t right. As far as terms, ask for a single breasted tux with one or two buttons. Not sure that’s the look for your guy? Try a shawl collar tuxedo and decide if that tickles your fancy.

Feature photo: Harvey Guillen, photographed by Tracy Birdsell

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