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Answerland: Shaped Like a Pear on Toothpicks

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Minusthegarrett asks: SO…here’s the problem: My body is shaped like a pear on toothpicks so when i buy jeans to fit my waist they always end up being super baggy in the legs no matter the type of fit. Should i be getting something with a lower rise or should i take mine to a tailor or what? My worst fear is turning into the fat guy that wears elastic band jeans and jogging pants for the rest of my life.

Finding clothing as a big guy is hard enough, but finding it when you’re rocking a non-traditional body type can feel nearly impossible. It sounds like you’re aware of some of your options, however. You can try taking yours to a tailor if you can find someone that knows their stuff and can make the kind of alterations you need. Finding a competent tailor can be more difficult than you’d imagine – it took me years to find someone who really understood how to alter clothing for my particular body type.

An alternative to the tailor would be to get a couple pairs of jeans made to your specifications. Sites like Getwear, MakeYourOwnJeans, and Den.m Bar can create exactly what you’re looking for in terms of fit and style. The prices run the spectrum, with MakeYourOwn being the least expensive. Does that mean they’re the best? Take a look at all three and figure out what works for you.

The Chubstr Guide To Shopping Locally

The Legend of Apollo asks: What are some sites you would recommend a big guy to shop at? i just recently realized i need to buy mad shit, lol. Thanks.

If you need to buy a lot of stuff for a little money, consider PLNDR. The flash sale site runs deals constantly, and you can get outfitted from head to toe without going broke. Check the Shop section here at Chubstr for a bunch of additional ideas that’ll help you stock up on everything you need.

Zach, from Chubby Guy Swag
Zach, from Chubby Guy Swag

Doc Screeches asks: Absolutely love the blog, such an inspiration for a big guy like me. Would you recommend any other style blogs to follow?

Thanks for following us. While there isn’t a ton out there with a specific focus on big men’s style, there IS a ton of menswear sites. You can check out the gold standards, like Esquire and GQ, or a site like FashionBeans, which has a it’s own unique focus. Valet and Mr. Porter are great as well, with the latter generally offering tops to XXXL if you’re willing to search for them.

When it comes to blogs that focus on the fat folks, you can’t really go wrong with Tumblr. Chubby Guy Swag, Fat Bodies, Fat Boy Wears, Plus Gents and Curvy Ladies – there are so many more that we probably need to put together a list of our favorites to share with you here.

I’m inspired by the photos we receive from readers every day, and by other fat bloggers out there who are trying to carve their own place in this niche. Some of them are really doing great work that shows that you can be stylish no matter what size you are. Hopefully that short list will inspire you even more.

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