Answerland: 3 Tips to Help Fight Pants Droop


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So i seem to be running into an issue. I weigh 350 lbs, i don’t really have a big waist but i have a big belly and thighs and a really flat butt. In order to find pants that go over my thighs i have to wear a size 46 (Which is still snug) I pull my pants up all the way but no matter what they fall down and show my ass to the world. Belts don’t seem to help either and you can’t really wear suspenders with t-shirts without looking like a douche. 

I have a similar build to you, so take a look at what’s worked for me:

1. Find Pants that Fit You Well
This is vital. You need pants that fit you well. I’d recommend looking for things that have some stretch in them, like Levi’s 541 Athletic Fit Jeans. It’s a straight leg jean, with more room in the thighs and seat, but without being super baggy. They actually look really modern and fitted without being tight. This is because they’re a cotton/elastane mix, which means that you get a bit more movement in all the places that matter. You can get them to size 60 in the new Chubstr Shop.

If you’re looking for pants with stretch, Dockers offers some with elastane to size 60.

This also means that if you bend or move around, you’re less apt to have things hanging out when you don’t want them to.

Classic Harbour T-Shirt by Gulliva
Gulliva makes tees in sizes 2X to 6X

2. Opt for an Undershirt
As important as it is to have a pair of jeans that fit, wearing a quality undershirt that can be tucked in is a lifesaver. This helps keep you covered as you’re moving around, which means no skin sticking out when you don’t want it to. I opt for longer undershirts, so that I know they can be tucked in. These aren’t shirts I’m wearing out on their own – they simply function as a layer under whatever shirt or sweater I’ve put on for that day.

Speaking of sweat, an undershirt can help mitigate perspiration and give you an extra layer to protect you from the elements. I have that base layer on me with almost everything else I wear.

Answerland: The suspenders make the man
Suspenders AND style? Big and tall at its finest

3. Suspend those Pants
With great fitting pants, and a good undershirt, getting the right size belt can help ensure things stay where they need to. I know you said that belts don’t always help you, but it’s good to have one in your wardrobe that fits you well.

Another option to consider, if a belt isn’t working for you, are suspenders. Suspenders offer another way for you to keep your pants up, that should ensure that there’s no crackage in just about any pants you wear. You can definitely do the alligator clip type of suspenders to test them out and get an understanding of how they’d feel for daily use, but I’d consider getting buttons added to any pair of pants you value. Then, you can get some higher quality suspenders to use long-term.

Gulliva does style for big men in 2X - 6X
Gulliva does style for big men in 2X – 6X

Jerichofrost says:
Hey Bruce, I am from Australia and I have to say your blogs are an inspiration over here, finding clothes [in my size range] is tricky, but seeing stuff like what you post makes me feel a hell of a lot better! Cheers!

I’m glad you like what you see! We’re always working to do our best to find resources for guys wearing XL, and guys who need 7X. Take a look at Gulliva – they’re a new Australian brand specifically doing clothing in 2X – 6X. I know you’re in a 7, but they might be worth a look. You can find everything Gulliva has to offer in the Chubstr Shop.

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